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To the Americans who will accuse


Doctor found cheesy here is because you and vice president pence threw him in a dungeon crawl crocodiles and alligators there thirty three do you ever worry Mister president you're acting too much like a fascist dictator why don't you acting more like a fascist dictator you physically poured fish tank cleaner down the throats of the Arizona couple if you'll be facing charges for that at the Hague as a war criminal as the state rep from Ohio one of the she's been to the heck that state wraps so she wants to go back there the world court knock on the door if they're still open in this pandemic I buy all charges another thing I saw on Twitter today that surprised me was Tracy Morgan he's a very popular after he was in thirty rock he was on SNL I'm he's a comedian he was doing an interview with Hoda could OB from the the N. B. C. you know good day today or whatever they're called now the today show and she was interviewing him about his TV show but she was also now everyone's doing these virtual interviews you obviously are going to ask them you know how you deal with the crying about her situation and so the whole interview goes on it was pretty funny pretty humorous and then in the end he said something that shocked me he he kind of defended president trump this is cut eighteen this is a different world to keep you are into trading

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To the Americans who will accuse

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