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Let's start out today's travel. With Rick Steves with a little old world charm in Hungary when travelling in Europe. You just have to include the great cities on your itinerary. Hungry elegant capital of Budapest is certainly impressive. But there's another side that you should explore as well and that's the country's smaller towns and cities historic Acre is an easy and popular sidetrip northeast of Budapest. It's been attracting travelers from Eastern Europe. As a place to catch your breath surrounded by the opulent architecture of Hungary to introduce us to the scene. And we're joined by Hungarian tour guides. Monica Poche and George. Farkas thank you. Did I get that right in Budapest? If you're looking for a little break you head up to egger very much. So yes how far away is it and what it would take about. Maybe an hour and ten minutes done in a highway and then on the secondary roads. And then you find yourself in gear Third Drain Connection. There is yes you will have to switch. That's one of the reasons why is not as cosmopolitan as it should be? Because when the train tracks were planned they didn't make a direct connection initially so That's a little bit of a of a downside of it but there's a great bus connection as well so Monica when you were growing up in Budapest. Did your family ever go to Edgar together? Yes actually not just with our family but I remember that During school trips during the communist era we were taken to Edgar Edgar was the seat of the archbishop pre so it has fantastic beautiful churches by the way would like to tell you during the communist era because of the nine hundred fifty six revolution aft-r in Hungary all of the churches are considered to be museums. Saw it ever also well capped? That's even during the communists. They are as squid children. We were taken to the Churches Museums. But not as living places of worship. The church survived physically. But it's a historic place Museum rather than a place of worship joining a community standard harmonised. Okay well it was very much controlled control. Why let's just turn around a little bit and say why Edgar would be the number one destination for Hungarians visit because it's part of the curriculum because that's where biggest victory happened. Hi this is Turkey Turkish time because they talk about. That was the last place to be taken in by the Turks of they go all the way thirteen. Nine thousand Turks are coming over and two thousand Gillian's actually locked themselves up. In the castle women children as early and they go and defeat the Turks. So that's the victory talk about. That's why all children are taken and they are taught. We don't talk about the fact that the send away the defeated Turks. A couple of months later turned around and came back into the town. But that's something we talk about. Obviously that's that's not really something won your battle fifteen fifty two so nearly five hundred years ago. The castle is still there and you can visit the Castle Castle. You even as a tourist. You get a sense. This is really important to the Hungarian much so very much. And my memory of Egor is a minaret and it must be the most northern minaret from the Ottoman Empire sticking up right there in the middle of this city yet. It's like a spaceship. There cannot send has no contracts they just sitting there is under go in a major restoration and so rather interesting Just recently they Reinstated the culpa. Praia a month later. They put it on their huge reconstruction was built for the the man who sings the calder calling. For prayer he actually climb up. The spirit is what about two hundred steps all the way to the top right and then he would get that acoustical benefit of being a top of everybody and to this day while they might not climb up there five times a day. Tourist can climb up there. Yes it's a tight little climb. Yes but it's a good view from there and also the reason it's important to mention because although Hungary was under the Turkish Ottoman invasion in a fifteenth century. They majorly converted existing buildings into minarets or they converted the Roman Catholic churches into mosques. They didn't be too many things. They've built these mirrors that we have. I think maybe two or three in our whole country for the minaret would just decorate a pre existing building that became a mosque. Is that what you're only by? They will buy. It's very rare to see anything from the Fifteenth Century Turkish Ottoman era. But that minaret is one of a kind of it. Gary Tour Guides. George Farkas said Monica Poche telling US why the town of Edgar Northern Hungary is one of the country's most popular getaways right now on travel with Rick. Steves something I remember from Edgar is. The market is just a wonderful market. George can you take us on a little walk? If you have some American friends with you and you want to introduce the culture. What would you find in the market at Egger? That gives us an insight into the salt of their Hungarian cuisine. And it's a great experience. Actually it's a a living market and you still see the ones that actually just went out in the morning and they went to see what's there to sell and they come onto their tunnel is stalls and then they sell day or individual small quantity backyard. I remember that it's like my little card table. And there's a hardscrabble old farmer husband and wife and they've got their turnips potatoes and they kind of looked like their produce very much so yeah so you can get that type of thing and then and then you continue on and then you start to see. The beautifully presented larger stalls with Grapes and Peaches and plums and veggies. And all that beautiful presented. The key is to have that relationship with the vendor. So you go and blink and then they know that they know us so you get the nice stuff From the front. I'm you know to really presentable one. And you're not regular year. You have to be aware you might not get what you see. Are you likely to find some of this famous Hungary and Moonshine for sale very much so Pelinka Pelinka because that's fundamentally something It's like GRAPPA? It's very legal. I would say it starts from eighty proof upwards and its shots That's how in the old days those that work out in the field started. They with just to get some energy my hunches. There's these flat little flasks. That people have definitely I I do have one with me. At that moment Hungarians would never leave the country without a Lilla flat flesh of Polanco. We also call it medicine if you have a heartache if you have a little bit of stomach problem because you're abrode no you are not taking. Bapti obese more something as but you immediately get delillo. Hungarian piling cars sanitizer society. Strong believe it or not but there are still destination centers in the country when you have some fruit trees in Hungary. Let's say plum or apricot or whatever you can take your own fruit to these destinations centers. You know it's bio and then Not filled with chemicals and then they make it for you. This bio moonshine exactly. There's actually a reconsidered approach today because In the old days when you went to house of Hungarian Oh you start to the dinner at the venue they will offer you pulling her and now modern culinary understanding. Is that if you offer Pelinka before the meal. You should be assured that the meal is not going to be good because what they say that if you have your Pelinka sort of so strong it kills your taste at your ability to ten. Then you don't taste the food so now pulling Kush should actually be digested. I suppose to Pera tiff. So if you are a host and you respect what you've cooked you want people to appreciate it you're not gonNA hide it by giving then you offered as before

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