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Pandemic goes on mayor Lyda Krewson is concerned more people will become homeless the other thing that we are doing is trying to make sure that we work with landlords and work with folks to present them from copy coming homeless because that's the prevention is just as important as the emergency shelter that we're trying to provide now there is a court order in effect until April nineteenth prohibiting the fictions in St Louis city Krewson says it's much better to keep people where they are and it is to let them actually get on house and then we have to try to get them house again the complex complex matrix here mayor Krewson expects to go back for an extension on that court order halting the evictions in the meantime she hopes the cares act passed by Congress will provide some temporary relief for the unemployed in St Louis Maria kena St louis' news radio camel acts Missouri secretary of state has suggested some new methods for voting this summer and fall to deal with covert nineteen Jay Ashcroft said that without legislative action there are restrictions on what he could do to avoid crowded lines at polling places during the corona virus pandemic but he also said they're looking at all options we are

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Is that using disposable marking devices so that

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