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May issue a statewide stay at home order today Paige was asked on total information A. M. if he's gotten any indication an order is forthcoming well we're in constant contact with the governor's office and we're working together on a lot of friends but I do believe that I said in the past that it's time for a statewide stayed home order and I hope that we see that since the person many times as we have hopes to have more information about next steps later today will bring you Parsons next move when it happens on KMOX Saint Charles county executive Steve Ellman says so far the one hundred ninety three people who are under mandatory quarantine are staying in voluntarily but Allman says if positive cases keep growing he wants judges to slap ankle bracelets on those who refuse to isolate themselves continue to get out of percent compliance so that we'll never have to be done but if people just ignored the order of quarantine and go out there and affect other people that obviously is not what the public wants L. man on our sister station ninety seven one FM talk last hour clarifies that this consequence wouldn't be for breaking a stay at home order but for hiding symptoms and leaving home while sick with the virus local

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News time is eight oh three

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