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To a new study so that is good news thank god


When he would come in the room his face was almost completely covered with this P. P. ET are you know full mask his he had like I goggles on and his hair was covered too of course to protect him he said so instead of them being nervous he laminated a badge of him smiling and introducing himself so he put that on the front of his courage is like full body contouring so they could see smiling face when he went into the E. R. you know they're getting so clever on how they they treat people there's a Detroit man that spent nine hundred dollars of his own savings to buy gas for nurses and he's standing on the side of the road and inspiring other people to do it to free gas for nurses that's what he's saying at the nurses ball over while give the money until it runs out and he's trying to raise some more and Reese Witherspoon Reese Witherspoon has a clothing label she is giving free dresses two teachers that are doing E. learning from home that are creating curriculum so I guess you got logged on to her label and then she will send you a free dress a hundred and fifty workers in Tunisia the vast majority of them women are in lockdown so what they chose to do was isolated in a factory in the factory where they work and they are producing fifty thousand masks a day they're choosing to stay there and live there and be there the whole time the end of course they're not the respirator masks like we talked about yesterday like three M. makes but there are other kinds of masks and they're producing fifty thousand of these masks a day just absolutely fantastic when I read another story about Cottonelle here it is Cottonelle commits a million dollars to covert nineteen relief for their donation by celebrating acts of generosity but you know what I know people have been buying so much toilet paper do you think that maybe you could do a little more than a million you would think so good grief where were you grandpa during the great American toilet paper shortage of twenty twenty I hate I saw a couple of things to Facebook and Instagram are working with the SBA the small business association to make sure that owners and operators know about loan options so people are getting creative there you heard about three am stepping up with the N. ninety five masks so is apple apple has sourced twenty million N. ninety five masks for hospitals and is now ramping up to produce one million face shields for medical workers every week a million face shields apple who would have predicted that one other thing I saw George Steve Hartman CBS news he has something really cool online an online course for kids talking about courage character and other values it's called kindness one oh one if you just do a Google search for kindness one oh one and Steve Hartman it is just a really great series if your kids are climbing the walls share that with them the love it it is really well done

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To a new study so that is good news thank god

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