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Ross, Vermont And Anders discussed on Howie Carr


Massachusetts thanks for the call Ross it Andre your next with our cargo had Andre Hey Alex thanks for having me on coming up here from the left wing state of Vermont which I think is even worse than your state we talked about a ban on seeds we talked about the ban on seeds earlier in the day hot our seeds unessential Andre I I know I know we already see Anders and Peter Welch isn't leaking away he's home state but this should certainly somebody should know that to grow food you need seats right yeah I mean I like I like I grow grow food in our little backyard here and like I could use some more seeds but the who knows what's gonna happen you want to come down to Massachusetts to get your seeds or go across the New York yeah that I wanted that one to talk about Sweden but he did mention one other one thing about our state and I wish we had global warming because I'd like to get a group together to stand in front of the state house in Montpelier naked wearing fine saying closing is essential although not say they're not allowing close to be sold either nope no closed last you know sometimes you think you can sort of stem the craziness if you elect a Republican governor but it often times it doesn't work out that way does it Andre as we know in Vermont and Massachusetts and Maryland yeah they're not Republicans.

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Ross, Vermont And Anders discussed on Howie Carr

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