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Podcast is your source for Good News Fun Stories Auditory Delight and Sonic Joy. We're bringing you all of this goodness from beautiful downtown Chicago today. Katie I have brought you specific. Good news busy. I think it kind of falls it like an interesting nexus of a lot of things that I think you really like. I'm going to tell you the nexus and then I'll tell you the news so the nexus is Cadbury cream eggs yeah dogs yeah and Tom. Hanks Oh yeah so okay can I? Yeah guess round hangs invented. He worked with cadbury any invented. A new cadre cream egg. That's in the shape of a dog. No it's four dogs. No it's shaver dog. You are so close actually to. There is a dog who has two legs. I'm getting the sad part out of the way. His name is Lieutenant Dan. Oh that's funny from Forest Scout. Who had one leg? Who Was Tom? Hanks legs titanium ally. His owner was petitioning cadbury to make him. This year is Cadbury Easter. Bunny a dog a dog that really track. But I'm on board so apparently there is a competition every year which I didn't know about where the Cadbury company goes to the Internet to find this year's Easter Bunny. That neither seems like something that would be very much in my interest. Fun last year. Cadbury up the mascot tryouts to all sorts of animals. So now it's a broader category lieutenant. Dan The two legged dog was in the running and has as of two days ago won the competition and he will be. This year's Cadbury Easter Mask Dog Kazan. So Lieutenant Dan has been adopted by Laura and Justin Person. Sounds like a fake name. Yeah but I think that's probably the real Mr and Mrs Human and apparently Lieutenant. Dan is a tree. Ing Walker. Coon hound that is not fail. Yeah there are a lot of words layer our okay so my question for you. Katie is and it's it's a complex question so bear with me till the end before you answer go if you or a pat that you have had do have or want to have already pretty complex you can there or any pet on your timelines. Their past or future could be the mascot of a candy. What candy and what holiday or event Mascot wouldn't you be? Wow Yeah okay an intense question. Well I don't want to be the mascot myself great and I'm going to nominate my most beloved pet of all time. Ginger who was a miniature poodle who passed away just this past year. May she rest in peace? She was the world's greatest dog and she loved to eat. Yeah and she ate a lot of human food so she would love to be the mascot. I think of anything my favorite candy other than Cadbury Cream. Egg is probably now. I know you're not gonNA like this. I know what it is but I still need to hear it. I think it's important for me to hear well. I really like coconut so I think in all of enjoy. That is a big difference for us. I Love Almond. But she didn't know you of Coconut Isla moment coconuts. I don't know I. It's not fair because the dog. She really like meat so she should really be the spokesperson for like a hamburger. I was thinking like breakfast. Sausage Bacon Bacon and sausage on the side of pancake breakfast. That's what she's a spokesperson. And is that attached to an event or holiday or anything. You just breakfast. Yeah like Bob Evans. Denny's Perkins breakfasts well. This is interesting because we do deviate here because I do want to be a mascot. The great math. Yes I WANNA be the steelers man and I want to be skittles mascot not for like a specific holiday but just for like spring the season. Yeah just like Sydell Ring Rainbow and now I think about it like lighter flavors and colors. Those colors are not springtime. I gotTa tell you their little to rid the to rich their saturated. You need like pastels schedule. I'm thinking like the lacroix equivalent of skills so like that's not going to be worth the cows. You're going to have to lower the calories. Well that's what I'm saying. I think I think if they were a little less sugary a little brighter. Okay and the colors were a little less saturated really great idea. I hope somebody from skittles corporation. Here's you don't have we. I've talked about skittles NAFF probably. I think that they would have heard you that. If they were listening they would've reached out. Well maybe you know somebody. Maybe there's a not what's a knockoff. That's true of Aldi. Is What about all listeners? On a lesson I'll people say if you WANNA make an in house brand skittle Gov you can call them goals and Neil would like to read this book for your springtime release of a low calorie. Effervescent campaigner called wrinkles from the campaign rides itself from where the Japan and Trinko from where this emphasis started. Thanks for listening. Do have good news. 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