More than 350 members of the NYPD confirmed to have coronavirus


Than three hundred fifty members of the NYPD no have tested positive for the corona virus including one very high profile figure let's get the story live with our Glen shock and Susan the NYPD counterterrorism and intelligence chief John Miller has been admitted to Lenox hill hospital with severe flu like symptoms consistent with symptoms for the corona virus is being tested awaiting results of course you may also remember John as a reporter from WABC many years ago in the eighties and nineties he worked at ABC news as well before his career with the NYPD in fact you also work side by side with bill Bratton when Brighton was running the A. D. I. LAPD sodium will keep tabs on John and a hopeless condition stabilizes and improves we'll keep you updated through the day today now in a police commissioner Dermot Shea also with some difficult news to announce on Twitter sixty two year old NYPD custodian Dennis Dixon has passed away he passed away from complications of the corona virus we have lost a member of the NYPD family in our thoughts and prayers go out to his extended family Mr Dixon dying two days after being admitted to Kings County hospital J. says Dixon spent the last couple weeks cleaning police headquarters so they could keep the building open for staff

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