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Groupon axes CEO and COO as company looks to mount a recovery during a crisis



Before we get into the mailbag. Let's talk about groupon because shares of groupon are up ten percent on the news that rich Williams who's the CEO and Steve Krizner. Who's the chief operating officer are leaving immediately? Yeah and we don't really have a lot of other details other than groupon is saying both remain employed by the company. There's no comment from groupon at this point on the reason for the changes. I'm I've never been more interested in groupon I mean the the CEO and the CEO are walking out the door or are leaving those jobs immediately and the stock goes up ten percent. Well I mean you can certainly make the argument that they weren't really getting the job done right. I mean if you look at groupon usually just the fundamentals of the business. I mean we've talked about groupon ever since they went public in. What was it alphabet offered? Was it around. Three billion was it six billion dollars that they that they offered groupon back in the day. It was some unusual things I when we when we look at the state of groupon. Now I mean clearly in hindsight they should have taken that deal Because I'm Nina. Revenue is is is winding down right. I mean we're revenue growth is non-existent. It's it's It's not a profitable company. I mean there's a company that's facing a lot of challenges and so I don't really know why Management Lee's I'm sure this is probably a bit of a response do just to the greater market reaction. We've had over here Over the past several days in you know we've seen this play out before with other companies I mean. Jc Penney obviously has gone through a lot of leadership changes. And we've seen when former leader step down in new leader step in. I mean there is some enthusiasm because maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel there I I don't know in case that's really something. Investors should expect. I do think it's really fascinating to look at so so the Aaron Cooper is going to step in as the interim CEO while the company ultimately looks for a permanency. Yoda's possible that Mr Cooper gets that job at the end of the day. But it you know he. He was awarded in. He's going to receive an award of four million restricted restricted share units For this enemy vests over over time. It four million restricted share unit. Sounds like a lot but but then you look at we're groupon stock is today at just under a dollar and well. Maybe that doesn't look is is great as it sounds On paper and I mean he's going to obviously get a salary and bonus In in an extremely challenging role in trying to figure out this company's place in our world because I think before there was maybe at least the argument the groupon possesses some brand equity that maybe a bigger network out there could exploit and benefit from. I'm not so sure that's really even the case now And so I you know I mean a market pop today. Notwithstanding not sure this really should should Make you feel any better about either owning shares or potentially owning shares. But but you know hey listen if you could certainly be wrong. I mean Mr Cooper could have a plan in place in you know. Bring MORE VALUE TO THE

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Groupon axes CEO and COO as company looks to mount a recovery during a crisis

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