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The president says he wants businesses to open back up by Easter despite the World


The World Health Organization warning that the United States could become the next epicenter for the pandemic and we do want to get a check of the board this morning U. S. markets are opening up following record breaking gains yesterday here the Dow surged more than twenty one hundred points on Tuesday it is the largest one day point gain in history wall street's rally comes as the White House and Senate agreed on the terms of that stimulus package that will inject two trillion dollars into the economy global markets also jumped after news of the agreement despite these recent gains analysts are urging caution they say wall street's weeks long sell off may not be over as the corona virus continues to spread news CBS news polling finds that most Americans believe the economy is in bad shape now but are optimistic that it can bounce back twenty one hundred people nationwide Wade and sixty one percent said the condition of the economy is bad right now a stark difference from December when nearly sixty percent said it was good but despite the current outlook fifty eight percent say they are optimistic that the economy will be able to recover quickly more than half of full or part time workers say they are very or somewhat concerned that they could lose their job or receive a cut in pay thirty one percent say they're still working outside of the home and seventeen percent say they're unable to work at all right now India is imposing the world's largest lockdown more than one point three billion people have been told to stay home for the next three weeks according to India's ministry of health the country has more than eight five hundred coronavirus cases migrant workers in Thailand are fleeing the country as a strict lock down to prevent the spread of the virus continues to keep them out of work hundreds of workers crowded at the border yesterday desperate to get back to their home towns in neighboring Myanmar workers were screened out the crossing and will be quarantined upon their return officials are concerned that the sudden influx of returning workers could spread the disease Thailand has more than nine hundred confirmed cases parts of the great wall of China are open once again today the iconic attractions close for almost two months because of the pandemic but there will be limits for the Taurus less than twenty thousand visitors will be allowed each day people also have to register in advance and have their temperatures checked before entering China was the first country hit hard by the outbreak but the number of new cases reported there has been dropping leading the government to ease some restrictions drive through testing for the corona virus is under way in California this was the scene in the San Fernando Valley Tuesday as health workers braced for the first wave of people rushing to get tested additional drive through testing sites have also popped up in other counties across the state despite these sites the pace of testing has been slow in California compared to other states like New York and now to Louisiana where president trump has granted a federal disaster declaration it is the fourth state to get emergency federal assistance because of the pandemic Louisiana governor John bel Edwards urge the White House to provide more direct federal aid to help free up funding necessary to deal with the surgeon coronavirus cases in that state

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The president says he wants businesses to open back up by Easter despite the World

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