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Ronald Reagan was really good at psyops


Saying it's forty Chastain judo moves out like a lot of the always trump people but no I think the guy is pretty astute I mean you can't be a multi billionaire dealing with the mafia to do construction contracts in New York City without knowing a few things but yeah the yes so with the psychological operations I mean it's there's a lot going on and then we we we train our children I think like Hollywood we're just talk about snow flake and save space all that stuff you got this thing called predictive programming where they have the elites who run everything want to basically brainwash the people in that you have to also tell of what you gonna do how many movies in the last ten years have come out about like pandemics to scare the crap out of everybody and all of a sudden we've got a pandemic in there like playing the same playbook come out you know shoot even there's there's a cool show I used to really like called the loan another argument could just be that none of these of the instant experts know what they're doing and so they're just like well I saw they do this in the movie one sec let's no no actually they're the ones feeding Hollywood though the script like have you ever seen a show called the lone gunman there was a spin off of the X. files and in like June of two thousand one there was an episode where the

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Ronald Reagan was really good at psyops

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