San Felipe, Santa Anita Handicap


All right here we go. We're back on racing down today. Episode Number Fifty. We got a lot of stuff to get to today. Three fifty three fifty point preparations on the docket for this week. In one hundred Fifty Kentucky Derby points up for grabs three more horses will be on their way to Churchill. Downs weekend. There's also a bunch of other stakes around the country this weekend most notably the grade. Santa Anita Handicap. So we'll get to all those book. I we gotta get to the action from this past weekend in Saudi Arabia and the conversation is coming up at. I've seen it come up in multiple different areas is about the winner of the Saudi. Maximum Security You know that is probably the most the Kentucky Derby incident and you know. I'M NOT GONNA come on here and you know say that the Saudi Cup has anything to do with the decision that was made at Churchill. Downs or anything like that or argue that the disqualification now because he's one twenty million dollars. Saudi Cup shouldn't happen I I am not gonNA come on here. Make that argument I just off you know really looking at it. It's unfortunate that happened because maximum security is really just such a tough horse. And you know there's not enough good things you can say about maximum security and you know that raise really showed that maximum security is one of the best horses in the world and obviously right now. The leader of the pack in the United States for older horse. Right now and be really cool to see this horse competing for your old year and you know depending on where he goes from here. Obviously you know. They already mentioned that. He's not going to Dubai. But just where MAC security goes from. Here I'm excited to see that. And what he has in store you know. I'm sure Eric will have some of his things. Say about maximum security. But that's something not lost museum. Fortunate -ness of the disqualification at the Kentucky Derby. Because you know this is a really really fantastic horse for sure. I mean he's slowly and steadily starting to shed that tag of being the Horse Sector disqualified from the Kentucky Derby even though it will always remember that way. If you were to continue what you did last weekend easily going to be more remembered as one of the better horses heading into this decade in this early part of the century the obviously he's now ten million dollars in earnings in at this stage career. It's only getting go go higher. It'll be interesting to see where he gets brought back. I met in. Saratoga is kind of the midseason point. Four the connections there But honestly I think he's already cemented. His legacy added great horse. Just you know like cigar did way back when of when he won the inaugural Dubai World Cup. Maximum security is going to be able to say the same thing for the Saudi Cup where he'd be a really good group of Horses. I might add Definitely was not lighten any sense I think every horse for the most part Ranta form in the Saudi Cub ibew. Probably the biggest surprise people contend but definitely not be By a quarter of a lengthy Iran. Huge She's also in so many other horses from the race but maximum security Kind of a rough trip was definitely a target especially for teas on Mutual Gustavo. Louisa has had to get created down the stretch. But you work down in that. Horses has tons and tons of heart. I don't really know I've seen a horse. Who Does Not WanNa let him worse by like maximum security does. It's quite impressive. How this works bears down to every time he races and I just think I I I think we all know. He's in pre twenty twenty if he stays healthy yeah. That was another thing that I didn't quite get that opening. Bid Is the fact that you know. Maximum security did all that won the race while Iran Ortiz was basically writing interference. I made the comment to Eric Baxter. Excuse jokers still out there kind of looked like a NASCAR and now you can say all you want about. How you know. Probably wasn't the best rider. You didn't have good character of Iraqis. I thought it was a good strategy on his part to do what he could to be. Maximum security obviously probably definitely in this country If he would probably would have been disqualified but I thought it was good on his part to do his best to win. Win The race. And try to keep maximum-security away because I don't think I if you run that race normally maximum-security just goes by with the rules over there. They run category One rules which unlike in America the disqualification rules are if you preventing a worse from running their best race. You get disqualified. There is. That's worse when when you run interference or not so if mutual Gustavo Iraqis does dat but the horse wins by Lincoln half. It's not a problem. Give what was within the rules so it was a good ride? Bhai Iran It was definitely a little malicious. I certainly Jason Service not lease with IRA. Teaser was on the first things. He made a comment about after the race. In the in an interview shortly after On national television I might add But at the same time that's I mean the races aren't one you know like a track meet where you can necessarily go between the lane. This horse racing and that kind of stuff can fly to an extent maybe a little over the edge. I think especially when acting security job inside. I really started to hurt an inside but I was happy that I read never intentionally drew contact although he was doing some blocking like you said NASCAR ask He never intended to make contact which I think was probably the safest thing and when he when he knew the horses about to go by he kind of backed off on trying to get through so are running more interference so while maybe was maybe a little militias It definitely was good race riding on his part all right so that. That's it for this stuff with the Saudi Cup Stripping back over Cross sees out before we get to the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks preparations that you want to highlight a Horse Zulu al folk who is turning into his own. You know I will highlight at about this point last year. This is were bricks and more bricks and mortar was not not saying that Zulu Alpha is going to be the next bricks mortar. Or anything like that. But you know he could do similar things to where it's very likely he's going to do similar things to what bricks and mortar didn't very likely that this is probably the top tier force in the United States. This year. You know at this point last year. Bricks and mortar was a great one Winnipeg World Cup turf and and then he had a great to race. I believe it was either at fairgrounds are one of the tracks Louisiana so to this point Zulu Alpha grade one winner Pegasus World Cup turf now. He's agreed to winner The Mac Ramadan down at Gulfstream. This past weekend. I think Zulu Alpha's in for a really strong really really strong two thousand twenty Keep your eye on him. Come for race like the turf classic the Kentucky Derby Undercard. That's where I would him go but not saying Zulu Alpha is an expert in order. But I'm not saying that he isn't either into Rena. Bricks and mortar was able to have consistent success last year is because all the worst is behind him weren't consistent. I mentioned on the show last week. That Group of forces that Zulu Alpa was facing. He actually used to be a part of that group they never were able to consistently put together strong back. That rates it's bricks. Mortar took it to a new level. Easily able to string together back Multiple consecutive good races in a row. And that's what God in his horse of the year title. And if these keep going the weather going is do. The wealth is going to be able to do the same thing last year Even though I was Kinda surprised after neier introduced the Turks Trinity Series that no horse really emerged from that as premier career force and to be chair. I mean we see that with Dirt horses as well on the on the Derby trail. They don't always shape out after the triple crown trail to be good and that kind of creates inconsistencies in the handicapped division like we saw maybe back Towards the end of maybe before the end of two thousand seventeen that you're got stronger as it went on but nevertheless China look into Alpa. Maybe like an expert in order. I wouldn't be surprised because once again the turf division isn't strong and If I'm going to throw one out there vitality is probably the best grass three year old male out there And I know. The connections are keen. Distract him out so he could be wanted content we know. He has loads talent. So at this point Zulu Alpha is primed at least stay home maleter force because so far. There are no challengers within a mile oven.

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