Yesterdays Tezos, Ethereum & Binance Went Well


What are you know another one day? So yeah they passion for quite some time telling you about staying out of the market and I have been but yesterday the tide did turn the markets as well and this young fellow wrought here admittedly not all that young go back in and I'm happy. Because bitcoin sitting up it sitting up three point nine three percent today. Seven thousand one hundred and seventeen still needs to break above the high of seven thousand. Three hundred and seven dollars and fifty cents. Should I say that the next time we get that love uptrend we gotTa Smash through that seventy six thirty seven region? Nothing really committed tried to Bitcoin as it stands right now. There are some good trends out the next good trend is a theorem. One Ninety four thirty five is acting as resistance. Then we'll see how he got busted three one seven five. Yesterday we sitting at wanted to Four six right now. That is a guy in a six point. Seven five percent that is a trend. I do like the daily is still there. I allies and high is gaping simple. Guys keep it simple. That's what it is and that's what's happening exile paid look at underperformed yet. A guy that consolidation is just hideous. It just sucks staying. It's ugly is I point nights since it's only up two point five percent okay. I silently up. Because it's a it's the most underperforming of all of the top ten at the moment. Alexa wake up. Bitcoin cash three thirty to five five. Five point seven eight percent representing a pretty good move. The AD still a pretty ugly jot their bitcoin cash that can change will. When will that China will? It'll change if we can break the hive to forty eight spot. I five Bitcoin as they preside As well but it's off went one five percent at one ninety two spot full one can't compliant AFA FAA percent gyn. Lot going petula up two point nine three percent only just performing exile pay some of the Jays of the bucket except hand like Quinn still on performing the rest of the Maga theorem being the strongest of the lot. Today Lot coins. Forty one dollars. Ninety one sense of the moment as I said it's up two point nine percent. Aol saw would resist the title. Seventy dollars sixty one right now. Three point seven two percent crab walking along into that resistance. We might actually get a bitcoin breakout Dr Dino what that strategy is what you do not want to get by. Nance fifteen dollars and sixty seven cents up three point seven six sir. Lots of squeezing on that one. Yeah it's a molested. I Walk Daily Trend. Still over there are high alerts and high highs although not a massive movement bonnets today it has moved and has moved. Har- Katana approaching resistant. Saran at three point seven percent. Mark Keeping Pretty close on that as a matter of fact. I'd love to see it just a little tap tap tap aroo on that level because I'll tell you what that could be a Break fully old kitty Looking quite good there on the petrol contract. You haven't got your F- Checks Account Gauze and you WANNA get access to the education and whatnot Laura We do have access to give you that Just jump on to the Youtube page and you'll find all onto a classic was sitting on Budweiser so I don three point. Six six cents up fought At their classic Dole's spot thirty eight up three point. Four took pretty hideous job on the daily trump's sign. Pretty ugly it's up three point nine percents. Nothing to be sniffed that but it's only at one point two nine cents and the daily Chart Is. He

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