Washington DC - Plan on hold to move coronavirus hospital overflow to Dulles Expo Center


It was three weeks ago Virginia was worried about shrinking hospital space for covert nineteen patients the governor was then preparing to put beds in the Dulles expo center help handle the load but now that plan is on hold this Wednesday morning it was a big idea to to negotiate negotiate possible possible overflow overflow from from hospitals hospitals but but at at least least for for now now it's it's not not needed needed that's that's because because governor governor Ralph Ralph Northam Northam freed freed up up beds beds across across the the state state by by asking asking hospitals hospitals to to postpone postpone elective surgeries so there's no need to transform three convention centers into health care sites it's a glimmer of good news amid a pandemic that's killed more than three hundred twenty people across the Commonwealth but that could change the state is still peaking one model expects the top number of jets this Saturday another project to peak in August

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