Halle Berry? Hallelujah. - burst 60


Halle Berry character is all the writing. Is there for Sharon stone and Halle? Berry patients has no real. She's got a personality but it's a very generic personality. She's just good. She's a good person like having a having having naughty moment. But every time Sharon stone on screen I just want to be with her. And that isn't about that isn't about Halle Berry per se but it is about Halle Berry in this Which is that every time Sharon stone shows up. I WanNa know whatever's going on in that Woman Psyche. Cat Woman has no psyche. She's got all these like personality traits that correspond with with a house animal. I know she was a do and then doing good gotten her trump. Got Her into trouble and she got a second chance and this is what she's doing with it.

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