Inside Corey Feldman's wild screening of his sexual abuse film


Corey Feldman the actor was supposed to release a new documentary last night to bring to light the names of the Hollywood players who allegedly molested and raped him and his late childhood buddy Cory came when they were kids the a live stream of my truth the rape of two Koreas but it was supposed to be simultaneously screened at the directors guild of America in LA and the flick never quite made it online users immediately began reporting they were seeing black screens in infinite loading issues yet yet to pay twenty Bucks and then you go it would go to a website and I could even give it out because I mean the whole thing is fall apart and they were promised full documentary on the live stream at eleven PM then there's gonna be a Q. and a panel afterward and they're supposed to be a second screening this afternoon but there's as it was supposed to begin Feldman tweeted from the theater of the film is starting fifteen minutes late due to the website crashing which is actually a good thing it's interesting to put a spin on something like that about after about eighteen minutes Feldman and his company stop the film that was going on at the theatre told attendees the site where the document as we hosted have been under attack by hackers preventing the world from seeing the film so a very small portion of people actually go out to see the film not not not a whole whole

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