Michigan voters were lined up in East Lansing as polls closed, waiting to cast ballots


Exit polls in every state voting Tuesday showed strong support for Bernie Sanders Medicare for all program even in Mississippi where it has the backing of nearly two thirds of democratic voters but speaking on MSNBC on Monday Joe Biden indicated if elected president he would veto Medicare for all legislation should Congress pass it and send it to his desk I would you too anything that the ladies providing the security and the certainty of health care being available now less than two weeks after losing his front runner status Sanders faces a decision about whether to continue his increasingly uphill fight for the democratic party's twenty twenty presidential nomination South Carolina Jim Congress member Jim Clyburn the number three house Democrats who earlier helped lead Biden to victory in South Carolina told NPR sender should shut his primary down I think we will be out of the port rich Joe Biden will be the prohibitive nominee of the party and I think the DNC the Democratic National Committee should then step in and make an assessment and determine whether or not they're all I have is a mole debates on the campaign trail former vice president Biden Tuesday told the union auto worker in Detroit he was following bleep and threatened to fight him Biden made the threat during a photo op at Detroit's first new auto assembly plant to be built in decades the exchange began when the auto worker accused Biden of actively trying to end the second amendment after cursing at the man Biden repeatedly told a female aide to Shush before touting his ownership of shot guns and saying he supports the second amendment Biden threatened to slap the man in the face and threatened to take him outside for a fight during the exchange Biden also mistakenly referred to the A. R. fifteen Sunday on a matic assault rifle as an A. R. fourteen there were reports of irregularities at many polling sites during Tuesday's primaries in Missouri some would be voters in St Louis county left long lines at dozens of precincts without casting a ballot after the county's electronic poll books failed in Kansas city mayor Quinton Lucas was turned away from the polls Tuesday morning and told he wasn't in the system even though he's voted in the same precinct since two thousand nine mayor Lucas had just posted a video to social media stressing the importance of voting in Michigan disabled voters reported problems voting in Detroit and Dearborn and college students in our Burr and east Lansing reported long lines with wait times of up to two hours in a statement senator Bernie Sanders called the voting problems in outrage writing quote at a time when Democrats correctly attacked Republicans for voter suppression it's disappointing to see people's standing in long lines for hours today waiting to vote in Michigan and around the country people should not have to miss a day of work to exercise their right to vote said Bernie Sanders said in a

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