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Joe, San Jose And Ford discussed on Tolbert and Lund


Isn't it are they all are they all lies this coming at us rather fast right now here in twenty twenty this week this month this year this life my goodness and if you were just listening to us a couple of minutes ago in a like way what happened was really go there I'll let you know and set the scene for you here in just a second Joe read so giants broadcaster San Jose and with the big club during the spring is gonna join us here in about fifteen minutes about email go on the forty Niners NBC sports bay area and also deter Kurtenbach area news group with an interesting article about the way sports is handling the coronavirus all on the show tonight I have days where I sit down and think what's our song of the day tonight and some days it's obvious and immediate and right away and today is one of those days I don't know where this is going to go in and it's coming at us so fast right now that it does sort of feel like Ford could end up being put on hold here here in the not too distant future there is a very very very big question that I want to ask is all this information.

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