Using Algae to Fight Deceases (including COVID-19)



We all know that during this covert nineteen period. Edible algae whether it's macro algae like seaweed or micro algae like spirulina that algae can help boost your immune system and even some research has shown that red algae profile can help you defend against the corona virus and in connection with how algae can keep us healthy on this episode. I interview a owlry end from trans algae and Israeli company. That may find that. You're using algae but that is only part of the innovation that trans algae has created and without further. Ado here is algae a savior for humanity. My name is. I'm the Business Development fulltime Sergey quite new into company. Come FROM TECHNOLOGY. I have it'd be a CNBC from the Hebrew. Unit doesn't from the Faculty and ahead an MBA from hyphen. In my background. I served in companies such as ICL hyphen because adult stocked on a Adama. All of them are global companies working in the Arctic seeing providing from different chemicals like pesticides down to two thirty. I'm involved in two major aspects. One is the business development meaning extending our activity outside collaborations with different companies different circles the candelabra on and also invoking the fundraising process and bringing more value to their companies from outside investment. So you you've been dealing with The agricultural sector for more than twenty years. And how long have you started with the Trans Algae? I'm quite new. So it's coming to massive free monster that I'm already over there but Been Mind that might progress position I served as VP of commercial development says marketing different companies before them song bringing a quite right and then it's a very good sign for trans algae that they're hiring new people that are trying to go around the world to try invite investment for you the product that you guys serve which is using algae for human farmer that. I read animal health and Crop Protection. All of that is very interesting and of course the reason why I kind of have you on is 'cause recently. There was an article about trans. Algae is trying to develop a using the algae platform that you guys use to be able to give vaccines to people of wine. The Corona virus vaccine comes out. That's why I think it's it's very interesting right now but we'll get to that later so talking about how you guys are using algae right now you guys have been using it so far in animal health using it to give vaccines to animals and can you just explain to me how you guys actually do that. How are you guys using algae using algae to make into a capsule or? Are you guys actually using some kind of genetics? The algae to introduce the vaccine the major essences to utilize to honest the scene to menace. I is it's a production sites. Let's say very similar to a production sites like he's all viruses and I'll explain what we have done over. During the to improve the low potential for Algiers it exists in nature. And the more important thing is that we use utilize the algae as a delivery system. Imagine yourself that currently in the animal health you know the to vaccinate at broad the amount of animals whether it is it fish in the pond. Say chickens like it's a swine that counts for one hundred to two hundred thousand individuals today to current vaccination is Involving animal meaning in fishing into sedate deficient other to take them one by one injecting chickens. It's the same swine and so on and so on. We are offering because the algae itself he's in at the Substance IT CAN BE UTILIZED TO DELIVER BILL ANYMORE OF INTEREST. That could be grow phone. That could be a protein that we'd be at generating anymore reaction and he could be enzymes of all I. We are using the as a carrier for the molecule of interest. Now when we talk we talk about the vaccinations. Obviously that's that's has a lot of advantages again compared to what injection? But you need to make sure that the specimen in a successful way redoubt anything relation of the multiple of it was put it. They just insistent. So that's that's not a trivial idea. Obviously we are. Harnessing sound physiological. Carta six of the in order to create what we call buying up solution which protects STI carried the protein. Okay Peptide we've ended so it would be able to sustain the area. Acidic conditions in the digestive system reached the absorption area where it can be as successful into the blood system and then to get anyone system. And we'll be finding afterwards antigens by the the blood of the animal and Giving it demon system so the algae itself being not only at Production Seifoleslam delivery system measures to vaccinate Pondo mediums fish inside the way to do it today as I said it's sedate efficient then injected by each one of them today. What we do we can take the right dosage spreading based on the amount officials existing the and once the algae's in or by the fish imitates three during the one reaction and then you have the whole population of fishing on the vaccinated in a very simple very quick and very and less much less costly than get same. Goes for shrimps Single swine full chickens and other animals. You guys feed it like algae like as if you just added like the food supplement into the feed right correct. If it's fish we can spread it as is all we can incorporate it into the feed system of the fish is chickens to sing. Swipe you just incorporate the right dosage into the feeling system and then once it's been eaten immediately I molecules which are getting food there. They just insistent going to the absorption reaching the blood. Circle are immediately intriguing Damon system and then we get the animal vaccinating. Very invasive not came and much much less than fifty.

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