Christian Louboutin Reflects On His Career


I'd like to go back to the beginning of your career and I read somewhere that you dropped out of school at a very young age around twelve. Have to cool till sixteen when you when you live in France but I was. Yeah I started to be expelled. Twelve so of out of school basically right and you were already obsessed with shoes right Yup. Yup where did that? Where did that come from this? Like shoe obsession. It comes from different thing than it. I would say comes from two things. It comes home in a session that I had as a kid for showgirls music Horn and even even movies where I could see dancing and it comes from that and it comes from actually from the place where we are now. Which is this museum which used to be which used to be a African panic art museum when you were answering on? It's a beautiful magnificent building. One thousand nine hundred eighty one so when you are entering a signal which was enjoying it was representing a shoe so it was a sea of a shoe high here on the fifty. But it just wasn't a late seventies so I didn't know that these join may me become sort of conscious that everything stopped by joint because it was drawing of a shoe of women's shoe but it was not existing because I'd never seen such show. It was appointee last appointee. Stiletto so I fought. I understand that. It's a drawing representing a women's shoe but this should doesn't exist so and it was. You showed me sign or symbol. It's a sign saying. Don't wear these shoes all issues when you saw them. As a young person he wanted to create shoes like that is that what happened. Exactly exactly so between my obsession for dancers on that joying. That made me understand that everything. Basically start by drawing and so. I wanted to do something which was not existing for music owned else and I sort of you know for me. Musical go further so they were like exotic birds on. I always love but and so I didn't think that had costume because someone told me but you could design costume for musical food was no costume. You know birds always have further which was natural to have further to those girls but buds don't have shoes. I wanted to create a human thing for these birds of paradise in a way. What what do you think shoes represent in our culture and why what is a shoe? What a shoe represent a lot of things According to different culture it has different meanings to same thing for callers. The interesting thing is at that. Say about work when I first started to design shoes for me on my name that say so early. Nineties shoe was people were always making reference to an accessory and then from accessory it expanded into something by itself. Schumer has moved. The Nimitz accessory has left the domain of just being an accessory it has become its own identity and things that it comes from different things but definitely it come from the fact that it's it's a very big symbol of Liberation. It's a symbol of feminity but it brings to it brings. The person wears issues a different poster. A different way of being a different way to show yourself and and so. It's a very different attitude. It's very small. It's a very small element which gave radiates. Antibody chains the body language. It changed it Sunup. Gravity and shoes whereas a woman of women who opposes by the Shoe Charissa woman right. So you didn't formerly study should assign but you weren't with some very famous shoe designers most importantly house if G. Yes what was that like? Because he's got obviously a you know long and very historic famous history here in France as a shoe designer. What what was that like working with him so what happened. Executive was is that when I worked with him he had ended his career but he was a mentor to me and so I worked. I did a museology type of work so I was ever seeing his assistant. But I never designed for Jose. Never no no. I worked at a period of the retrospective. I had met him before and then he asked me to be his assistant for everything but not designing on. That didn't want to design for him. I was so excited and happy to look at the work of someone that I knew so well and to have it explained but it's mass by his master and so what happened is that when I was ten I started to do. A sketch had seen that museum. Do Undo Redo that sketch always the same profane and so I started to put it every table of my different schools where I got expelled. Because one of the reason was because I was like trashing Zell's tables with my designs and and then one day one person and then it was almost sixteen. Gave me a book and say for you and I who likes shoes I find newsies and someone gave me the book of what it was Gold Makarova on just had his name. When I opened the Book I realized that my obsession with join shoes was also a beautiful work but had never thought of it as a work before it was rare in being shoot as no. I didn't know any design is right and so when I opened at book I fought. This is it. That's jobs and supposedly doing and from that moment I started to change the angle I started to. I was always own enjoying pro fine and when I decided that it could be a designer assured his on I started to free quarters exit down when I saw the work aversion so obviously has been very important and influential because he's sort of opened meat completely to the ideas that it was a beautiful possible word So then how did you actually learn how to design shoes so now so I started so? My first thing was to to jove a to do shoes for showgirls. So I started an internship when I was seventeen at I stayed less than a year and then after I realized that you know this is not Boorda was not going to do was not going to do shoes for showgirls. Invalid just doesn't happen. I was sent to glue to have to bring coffee Which was very nice and I learned a lot actually from dances but to really design shoes. I was not going to be there so I ended up thinking. Fashion is probably the place to go and I opened the yellow pages. I remember there was nobody. The first house was Batmans. Was nobody answering. The phone. Second House was Joel on ice to speak to the director. They say Jericho. What a subject off. Cuccia and on the path maters this wonderful lady quote Ellen. D'amato was direct couture. She gave me an appointment. She looked at my design. She said it's very pretty. And we want to do a stash jokes. Wt BY SEAN. Joel I say yes so. I got sent into south of France for one year and this is why I learned to be. My first job was as a modest so my former education of Mideast comes home sold off and then after I was. Stephen merged like a night club so one year a challenge. Although in in the south in the middle of nowhere was a bit tough but at Shell Joel down the technical aspects of creating shoe. That's where you learned it because it's important you were just showing me that incredible installation to show. How shoes or graded You know and the sizing of it like I think designs a bit like architecture hearing engineering and architecture. That's why yeah. That's exactly what I'm trying to show. It's actually Victor Nick. Yeah it's really precise but it's organization. It's very important Yeah it is definitely. It's very technical. This is why actually it's also often expensive and for instance. It's complicated for someone who would start to do a proper so so much engendering you know so much metal inside formation in order to keep the balanced also to keep the arch. You know you can sort of easily against do address with like a stitching being a needle. You can sort of manage to do something with fabric. But she's not fabric slander component which are complicated. It's orange

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