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A Moment Of Kindness From Marianne



Name is Maryanne McCarthy. I live in New Haven Connecticut. And this is my story of kindness. It occurred on Friday June fourteenth two thousand nineteen at a sold out death cab for Cutie concert at the College Street Music Hall in New Haven and I was pushed my way up front. Two general admission standing about ten feet from the stage and I began to feel very woozy and started seeing spots and I've only passed out twice in my life but I knew that I was probably go down so I was of course mashed in this crowd. It was loud. The music's going the crowds going. It was a great show but I had to get out of there so I tried to make my way to the right hand side. That was the closest I could get to and all of a sudden someone stepped out of the crowd. And Said are you okay and I said I am definitely not okay and they said grab my arm and I did. I grabbed her arm. And that's the last thing I remember. I woke up outside of the venue on the set of steel stairs. Sort of in the smoking section two security guards staring down at me wondering what the heck it happened just passed out because they hadn't eaten all day anyway. The point is I wanted to share this story because I would always like to extend a thank you to the person who extended their arm and their kindness that night because they certainly didn't have to. It was a very kind gesture.

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