Ep. 514 - The Green Flu Deal - burst 06


Virus that's representatives Mario Diaz Balart and Ben Mc Adams Diaz Balart is a Republican from Florida and Ben McAdams is a Democrat from Utah. They both tested positive yesterday. And so now they're going to have to quarantine and live with the virus other public figures. Who HAVE THE VIRUS? Tom Hanks nor McDonald. The comedian has taken to calling corona virus. Tom Hanks Disease T. HD. Tom Hanks tested positive for a week or two ago. Idris Elba the actor tested positive for it. Justin Trudeau's wife tested positive for interestingly. I don't think Justin Trudeau has but just intruder. His wife has so anyway. There are these well-known figures in public life who now have the corona virus. This actually might be a great opportunity to get some perspective on it. I think some people right now. The initial reaction is that celebrities having the Wu. Flu is a terrible thing. Because now it's going to be magnified. People are going to be even more nervous and neurotic and freak out even more than they already. I think the opposite is

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