Coronavirus death rate is 3.4%, World Health Organization says, Trump says 'hunch' tells him that's wrong


Say anything did you see this thing with him Donald Trump said he had a hunch ma ha anche that the coronavirus mortality rate was going to wind up at three point four percent you believe this irresponsible guy out there saying he's got hunches on diseases Ohio about some experts here get some experts around you maybe talk to them about it instead of just guessing he says taking blatant guesses now here's a this is the actual clip it was trump on with Hannity on fox news channel well I think it's three point four percent is really false number now this is just my hunch and but he's done a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this because a lot of people will have this and it's very mild they'll get better very rapidly they don't even see a doctor they don't even call the doctor you never hear about those people so this is what the media came up with off of that clip box called it astoundingly irresponsible your favorite glad Brian Stelter over at CNN the H. please don't walk out of the middle this quote but he says right I mean he is almost Woodrow Wilson to make it really ever walked out of the way an interview with no I didn't I didn't I Brian said I hesitate to even print the United States presidents words here because they are so at odds with what health experts are saying this is that is bright that's why he's Woodrow Wilson he is such a propaganda disinformation misinformation machine that doesn't have any heat I mean how bad this is only going to be that you hesitate to even type it like I don't know what the the N. word right like we don't take the N. word right we would write the end where we'd say the N. word instead of saying the actual word we we have that actually put books together where we've had to use we've added quote somebody you know David Duke using the N. word and we'll look at each other go an exact quote but I don't think we should put that in as the you know other than the N. word or let's use the N. and the R. and then just Asterix been trained you know the he's comparing it to the bad so bad that good M. S. N. B. C. said the sitting president of the United States told a national television audience not to believe the research of the world health organization's experts is that what you got out of that well I feel a bump from the Washington post in the trump quote twice admits that he simply making up the percentage is talking about calling it a hunch and saying that it is his personal assessment now he said no it most of that is not in quotes the word hunch is in quotes and the word personal is in quotes why because right after he says it's a hunch he says it's based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people who do this another words he's getting brief from experts and he's trying to communicate that to the American people and I have it is not as bad I have to tell you I read to the experts every day we do a corona virus update every day that is exactly what all of the experts are saying bright and all of them part of this is I think you know the way that they that the way he he speaks you know like Donald Trump kind of says stuff and it doesn't sound it doesn't sound all of that all that let me give you let me give you an example play that clip again that you just play listen to this well I think it's three point four percent is really false number now this is just on the hunt stop I think that number is just a false number people if you're on the left they'll hear all fake news yeah he's saying this is a life of their lying okay that's not what he's saying but that's what they're hearing next played against my hunch and but based on a lot of conversation stopped the people that he's just my hunch based on a lot of conversations that's Donald Trump you here if you don't like Donald Trump you here you know I got all the best people around me I get all the best advice I get all that and it times he doesn't times he doesn't mind at all it was not the best lawyer right and he's got he just uses hyperbole all the time yeah so you did what they've done is they've taken their brain and just put it into neutral they're just listening and they're like oh that's him going off again dog gonna live as people no in this particular case he is talking to the best people in this particular case he doesn't know what he's talking about he is getting advice it's not hyperbole he is talking about actual stats and when he says it's his hunch that's really what all of the professionals are saying

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