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I don't know how much derby influence this feels can have. But I'll tell you what I think. There are some really nice horses in here. That WanNa do this one turn mile and see if maybe one of them can Can Get the job done and move forward on that Derby trailing. Yeah Yeah I think it's a pretty nice field You know may not be an contain any derby contenders like you said but you know. I certainly think they're handful in here. Who are going to make this an entertaining an interesting race. The one I could see four or five of them winning. It's one where he'd probably end up having a spread but there were of them that I was kind of interested in You know what a horse that. I'm pretty fond of the Montauk traffic. I like young horses. Who are able to overcome adversity. And that's exactly what. This horse did First Time that was just Don't know what happened. She dwelt early and he did. And that was the end of it from the rail in the slop at Laurel you toss that race and and I mean he did exactly what you want a prospect to stretching out prospect to do he was able to sit able to make a run and pass runners and he was impressive in both of his next two wins the maiden when Downstairs in the and the Wingfield win. Also at seven eighths Settled inside didn't have a problem kicked out and And was able to run away from his competition. So I I don't think a mile Distance will be much of a problem for him. I just don't know how much upside he really has. You know. He's a gritty horse and He's one that I wanNA use but the one who I'M GONNA put on top of the three wars stop or I love the way that he improved. First Time in Blaker is just second time on dirt last time here at the The Mile trip here and act when I turned in a big beyer speed figure went right to the front And just kept on going. I think he is one that I want to keep an eye on moving forward. I think he'll be a decent prospect stretching out to to turn on the on the dirt and I'm GONNA give shops go right from his maiden win to Earning grade three status here in the In the Gotha. Yeah. I'm definitely. He's my topic as well. I'm a big fan of wall stopper. I liked what I saw from him. First Time Out Less time out rather when he got the meeting win. First Time blinkers. I should say now. That was a big effort. Thought Mischievous Alex might have some distance limitations. But it's hard to argue. How good he's been in his last two starts. Since his trainer John Service added the blinkers to his repertoire. I don't think six does without a chance from an ever Keough. Sauna current one turn mile. Got The goose ca pedigree on the bottom. I don't know how far this was gonna WanNa go with the one turn. Mile shouldn't be a problem and Necker island Friday he won going a mile in the slop. At Churchill downs just stopped got out running swell last time. The miles should be more to his Liking as he's already won distance and we'll see him. I under neath. I think it's wide open. I think war stopper shows up. They're all running the second money. I'm a big fan of his An of all these sources. I think him He's probably the one most likely to move on the Derby Trail. Regardless of what happens tomorrow. He can get beat tomorrow and maybe still move forward. I'd like to see him win But if he got beat I'd still think he can be contender. Might be the only one more stop for both of us in the grade. Three three hundred thousand dollar.

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