Interview With Michele McPhee On Coronavirus Efects In California


We have a California corona virus correspondent we have dubbed herself so it's Michelle McPhee Michelle as a new book out today and I typically you're gonna come on when this books coming out of the book is called ma'am Michelle McPhee welcome WRKO again I love my new title as west coast corona correspondent that's amazing it's a going out and Kelly by the way you know it's a very interesting place so if you go hiking right now you can get a citation from the LAPD but if you are a homeless drug user and wanted Koster into a little group outside my house on the corner there hands off which is literally what LA is now that they let you know we talked about this before this idea of the prisoners being released and now there is just thirty five hundred more tense where people can pretty much concerned groups do drugs and not be bothered how are people being placed in that time well that we all are actually but in your case in particular you know house all you your Hollywood now makes me of course the reason I'm sure he'd be bringing well the rumors and the projections in the nightmare catastrophic scenarios that California was facing they haven't panned out whether or not it's due to you know the draconian steps that the governors and the mayors of taken out there or because maybe corona viruses and all that it's cracked up to be we don't know but how long are people out there going to just stay shut down without causing any ruckus wow that's a very good question I'm already seeing in downtown LA businesses using you know boarding up their windows well you know it was the biggest issue is that joblessness nobody's working and you have to think about people at least in LA we have room but can you imagine people being cooped up B. B. I don't know how you could imagine that but with a bunch of kids and trying to work and now you find out the kids are going back to school until maybe may fifteenth I mean I don't this is what I'm very happy to be single and unmarried but I don't know how people do it the most dot not making money you got a million kids you're trying to work everyone making new recipes and it is it's a complete cluster the most offensive thing I've heard through all of this was Gayle king lamenting it's really hard to do this while you're single because it's just so lonely and I might come some some of this scale it's just only in your massive Bel Air mansion so narrowly up there depends how the Upper East Side shut up so thank you now I mean if I hear one more celebrities sing a song from their pool I'm gonna shoot somebody asks where I have more Matthew McConaughey in the woods is Bobby bandito in less Kylie Jenner's legs pool side I I know that's a weird thing this ma'am but that's the reality that is the reality I mean honestly and you see it out here you would not believe the conversations you overhear when you have to wait I don't know an hour to get into trader Joe's with a bunch of like hipster Silver Lake you this is I mean it's just unbelievable engine we deliver any wind up over thirty dollars a barrel that is a direct quote from somebody finally it's awfully trader Joe's okay I need a video I don't think they're not even you know producing series right now but we're all looking for the next tiger King makes me at trader Joe's lines throughout California I'd watched an episode of that I'm sites outside by helping the homeless encampment I know how that turns out you with every one of them socks that would for me I speaking to spend you got a new book out it's called mai ham unanswered questions about the Tsarnaev brothers the U. S. government and the Boston Marathon bombing obviously we all know April fifteenth two thousand and thirteen this happened your first book on this came out in twenty seventeen called maximum harm here's my question for you on the book you've gone Hollywood between twenty seventeen and now you've been wildly successful you've got a series on TV that's been picked up again you got another series in production why is this one stick in your Craw so much that even though you had so much success you still got to keep working on this thing we don't funny I tell the story all the time about how the family things you're rich when you put out a book and like the Christmas list gets bigger but I don't next them harm for five thousand dollars and re publish it for one reason and one reason only it's because I think we deserve the answers and somebody who is standing at ground zero you know I was in please bureau chief for nine eleven I had a front page that day on the New York Daily News it was burning all of lower Manhattan it's a day I will never forget I lost a lot of friends among the three hundred and forty three firefighters and twenty three and might be detox and thirty seven Port Authority police officers in the in the hundreds more that have died of the droga illness which nobody ever talks about even as we talk about clone of ours you know I think that we are deserving of answers to this day he be there people tend to give all the still haven't been brought to justice there are still how would classified records about the Saudi connection to nine eleven and I feel like we keep I actually read the nine eleven commission report and if anyone else reddit or anybody in Congress read it or any of our lawmakers took it seriously the marathon bombing whenever it happens and I think that we are deserving of the real answer is there are some very glaring questions that you and I talked about before number one the government said in court records they said during the night trial that they don't believe the brothers built the bombs they don't have any physical evidence linking them to the building of the bombs which raises the immediate question then who the hell did it and why are we looking for that person and then you turn to Topsfield Massachusetts fifty five days after the Boston Marathon bombing and you find out about this wacky doodle named Daniel Morley who told his mother he had something he had to answer to god for his mother told the top feel PD that he was friends with him on the night of October when the police bomb squad Topsfield PD they do a great job securing the scene they got permission to search the home all the time the FBI showed up I know where nobody who called the feed which is a quote that one status as one other that night and next thing you know despite the fact that nearly every component to the pressure cooker bomb that was detonated seven years ago was found in the kids back from the FBI thinks and take over the case and where do anymore we now well the last time I saw that cute he was driving for the ride when his original charge was beating up his mother and her elderly computing how does that make sense have your guy that had all of that stuff and it's it's never prosecuted have you ever talked to him I tried to get Bruce gellerman his good friend of mine W. B. O. R. talk about unlikely alliances but it we found out where he was living in move in Massachusetts and we went there and he literally had one of the ride vehicles that we pay for a factor and he landed on a slow speed chase R. N. he wouldn't get out of the card wouldn't talk to us you know I went to the hospital it's in the box to see more I want to talk to a hospital where he was being assessed the two years because you know anybody who had any experience with the amount of mental illness and trying to get help for that two years in a mental institution no one can tell to pay for that again I'm Ali but I went in there and I asked him to have faith in the the big gambling you know how good a guy as a Guinea did you build the bombs anytime in smirked at me and turn around walk away let me here we need to build the bomb would depend upon what he's talking about the alarm he was not at all but you know how this goes it's critics of yours make fear rolling their rising they're going all there goes makes me again often some crazy conspiracy theory and make it much more out of it that is already there is this just conspiracy theory talk well I think you'll see you know my friend Jim Sullivan over the market just in the story and he asked me that same question there's not one thing and that book VV that's not annotated this is all court records this is all interview notes if the inspector general Horowitz report is the mass media report it is you know shouldn't through both of his child every single solitary day every single day my my routine is to wake up look at pacer if you have any new filings in his case we both know that this case is so expensive that they steal the cost that we have already paid for the first two trials and now the field the costs of his appeal I mean this is become a boondoggle and I think the world deserving of the answers I challenge anyone they can treat me right now any question that they have about the book and I will point you can go to my Facebook page you know I will point to the evidence I have the support any questions that you have and DB you know I have pictures of every single piece of evidence that was taken out again I'm always house I have him on the night of a file which you know Magnus are provided to people while ago talking about this inexplicable state department document that has camel and when he was sixteen years old come into the country and I had another completely different dude on the same identical document where the same identical shirts and the state department either the scanning failure but declined to explain how that giving failure might have happened there's just a lot of money of the questions that I think we deserving of those dancers the most important question I think is what you know you have an FBI agent who interviewed him on but I've been a whole family in twenty eleven after the Russians warned us that he was becoming radicalized you're telling me that that the I. agent just as a reporter you're telling me that the pension from out of town when in your heart you don't recognize the guy you really buy that the new book is called may have Michelle makes the our good friend is the author of if you like maximum arm you're gonna like may I'm one of the exits it Michelle is I looked you've never been

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