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An Excerpt from the book Youve Got This: The Life Changing Power of Trusting Yourself by Margie Warrell


An excerpt from the book. You've got this the life changing power trusting yourself by Margie. Worrell growing up on a small dairy farm in rural Australia. I learned early. That courage trump's confidence as I mustered up my courage learning to ride my first horse as he towered over me or at least felt that way that a couple of years later had trained the brave all over again as I mastered my second horse. A Wild Brumby. We won in a raffle. Who went from zero to one hundred miles per hour in five seconds flat? My lifelong lesson growth in comfort can't ride the same horse of course if you've ever wished he were confidence you're not alone. The biggest hurdle we ever have to face fairly stories. We spin ourselves about not having what it takes to achieve what we want mired in misgivings. Many people tiptoed timidly through much of their lives arriving safely. Life's end with a large gap between the life. They did live the life they could have lived if only they act themselves more and doubted themselves less. Of course we're all wired for caution cognitively bias to overestimate the risks. Underestimate ourselves man. Focus more on. What scares us like being rejected or exposed as a fraud than on. What inspires us? Little wonder one of the regrets of the dying is that they lived to safe and risks to little which begs the question. Is it confidence. We really need to forge meaningful careers and driving our lives or is it courage to take action amid or doubt fears and misgivings Bill Marriott. The legendary hotelier. Who took the business? His father had started as a nine seat root beer stand and turn it into the world's largest hotel empire believes it's the ladder during a fireside chat for Marriott headquarters. I asked him what he learned about building confidence. He threw his head back and laughed. I've learnt that don't have as much as people think I have. He chuckled ye confidence by doing and learning and making mistakes and fixing. Your mistakes is true. Confidence is inbuilt through. Knowing you can't fail is built through risking failure daring to act with very confidence. We wish we had and trusting ourselves that even if we fall short we'll figure it out and be okay. Martin Seligman a leader in the field of positive. Psychology said that positive self image by itself doesn't produce anything in cannot be sustained without action in other words. You can't think yourself confident rather a Soliman road quote a sustainable sense of security in oneself arises from positive and productive behavior and quote. Ask anyone who's ever done anything worthwhile. And they'll tell you that it wasn't confidence in their invincibility that fueled their endeavors rather their desire to do something trump. They're feared they'd fall short in their attempt or my case as an aspiring equestrian fall of my oars which by the way I did many times ensured their mission exceeded their fear compelling them break ranks from comfort. Time and time again sometimes. It was semi confident actions. Sometimes it was not in the gut knees shaking nervous action but always action as prime minister of New Zealand. Jason Arden said quote. If you sit and wait to feel like you're the most confident person in the room. You were probably going to be left by yourself and quote so too. It is for all of us. We cannot build the confidence. We like sitting safely on our couch. Waiting for a thunderbolt of unstoppable self-belief to strike us from above does not say confidence doesn't have its merits. However with the exception of cereal narcissists confidence waxes and wanes. Waiting until you feel confident you cannot fall short before you take a brave leap toward your bold. His aspirations in your work relationships and life Camino long long wait far more useful to focus their energy on cultivating courage or training. The brave as I did each time saddled up after a fall all those years ago after all. Courage is not dependent on being completely self-assured that you'll hit a bullseye. Every time rather as about daring to do something despite your misgivings or lack of mastery as research has repeatedly found people build confidence by adopting a growth mindset and wish they give themselves permission to get better as they go along first allows you first draft then a slightly less lousy second. Dina half decent third draft. No one writes bestseller first time. They put pen to paper. So if you've been waiting until you're one hundred percent confident you know exactly what you are doing or of achieved. Davinci like mastery before you set out. Consider the hidden tax of letting your doubts. Call the shots on your career on your relationships. On the value or adding or failing to add for others on ever unleashing your full brilliance on the world cheating behaviors proceeds changing self perception rather than dwelling on all the reasons why not to take action. Shift your focus onto your future desired outcome and then take some action any action toward it doesn't matter how small or insignificant your action is. It just matters that you reclaim the power you've previously given your doubts in fears then notice how you feel nervous. Perhaps but definitely more empowered because he realized that the ground beneath you didn't open up and actually it wasn't so bad after all and then tomorrow repeat and continue every day thereafter until whatever one scared you no longer does at which point. It'll be time to raise your size again by deliberating. Refocusing your attention onto what it is that you do want. It creates a subtle shifting your psychological state than by taking action toward it. You subconsciously affirmed for yourself your commitment to achieving it courage confidence life rewards action only by daring to defy your. Taos and act with the confidence. You wish you had. Can you ever realize how little reason you ever had to doubt yourself?

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