Jane and Ann Esselstyn Dish Up Some Kitchen Confidence

Plant Strong


Okay I am here with an S. Allston and Jane astles than we had an unseasoned. One of the plan. Strong podcast but surprisingly. This is the first time that I've had Jane on and I thought it would be appropriate that when I had Jane also have an-and because you guys are almost like tweedle tweedle dum many ways And it's really it's amazing to me to see how how you guys have become almost like best best friends like over the last couple years and I'm just like love to hear it from each of you like what. How would you describe your relationship now? We'll learn more next door neighbors and and we're working partners at times and John is by parents so their next door and and I feel so lucky in the parents that somehow I got an ESA as my parents like. What are the chances? And what look and then to be next door to them and to work with them and is just amazing. So I don't know how it's a weird to categorize parental child relationship as best frenzy. But it but we are totally companions. The luckiest thing was for us was when you guys move next door. That was just incredible. It's the way it should be. Have our kids? Are Your children? Grow Up? And weaken desert watched them. You know. Pick them up at school. It's been fantastic and cheer them on. It Swayed Jane. The best part is when Jane is was cooking and making all the recipes for your three books rip. Se and I were the recipients of ABC So many meals that. I didn't have to cook for the longest time. All right. It's funny how what a gift that is. Someone cooks for you. It is funny on well in some for people that don't know Jane spearheaded the the recipe sections in my last three books so plan strong than the engine to seven day rescue. And then the engine to cookbook. It's funny I thought there were two books. Three Africa the other seven. Yeah I know yeah in this and we did our book together. Yeah which was great and her end is actually without Jane. I would just not be doing anything because she is the leader. She has the ideas here. You said because that's so true. Yes I do logistics. I I type things up I right. We need this this this. Let's do this this this and you're like China too much and then once we start you just run with it and you hijacked the whole show. Well so you when you say this show a lot of the listeners may or may not know but Jayne probably what two years ago now? You started a exactly youtube right. I think deserted. Youtube channel is basically. It's it's you and an that are on every episode during doing something. Something different usually related to cooking right. Yeah we'll plant perfect implant strong stand the first time chain had go over she she guidelines and I just stood there like I was totally like I didn't want to be there. I didn't know why I was. There was no. There's no classroom or participants or people to talk to so and now it's kind of fun. Yeah if you WANNA laugh go back to the first of our youtube and look how. She was grumpy pants. Well how many. How many different youtube shows have you done? Now you videos. What are we done on? You think we don't seventy seventy but we're let me tell you saying absolutely crazy now. Esi has been this spearhead of all of this for all of us. I mean he is pioneer. Yeah Pioneer I mean he's behind it all and now when we travel we go places. I mean even when we go to places like Denmark or Iceland. I cannot believe the number of people that come up to me and say oh off I live your videos an se. Standing Right there beside me. And I'm feeling what I'm just about as aren't you talk to me is as long as the line? What to me is so perfect about? It is when I go back when we started doing Our weekend events back going now. Gosh seven eight years ago in in you to do you're cooking demonstrations and people would come up. I know they come up to you but to me and say your mother and your sister need to have their own cooking show they are. They're who they are so educational. You're amazing and now you guys also you have your own show right. Yeah we're first years waiting for someone to say. Hey we designed cooking shows you can. We're waiting for that not me. Well I didn't know what to think what would happen. I mean we just sort of waited and so what's cooking? Show call now that you have besides your youtube channel. Ge Appliances which is a company which is part of a company called higher H. A. R. They're an innovative Racers were re grew group company and they were looking for the next new thing to do on the Internet so they eat saw that we had high engagement numbers and they were like all the most. The comments positive. There's plenty of people who have negative things to say which is fine and how to get on the Internet to that. I can't I don't know what the negative comment so this branch of GE appliances from owned by higher approached US and said. Hey we have this company called cooking with Chievo and you'll can cook live and people who sign up to take this class with you will get a grocery list and they'll cook live with you at a set time on a set date and it's a nice dinner together when we cook for. It's almost about an hour plus of cooking hour and a half of cooking and plenty of time just talking in explaining your first answering questions. It's time we did it. They flew US DOWN TO LOUISVILLE TO ONE OF THEIR TEST. Kitchen type things which just happened to be in a little old house anyway but now now we're doing from our home which is which is nicer us just convenient wise but we'll see we'll hope to continue with them. You know doing occasional

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