Ben Affleck Speaks Out About His Divorce From Jennifer Garner

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Things have been athletes super candid interview with the New York Times. Jin Garner is again back in the headlines and there is this report that says Japan's man. John Miller is uncomfortable with all of this US weekly claims John is empathetic but worried about how Jennifer has once again became the focus. Now remember the interview been said. His biggest regret of his life was his divorce. So would you be comfortable? If you were Jen's man and the x was saying this stuff you had ninety days to figure out if you were about this life or not whether you date a man who doesn't have a job whether you data celebrity. Where do you date somebody? That's in reality. Tv those first three or your period to figure out what that person's lifelike and when he started dating her he knew what the Paparazzi was like. He knew what the press is going to be like and this man is from California. He understands that no matter what they do for the next twenty five years. They're always going to be linked together. Maybe have kids and be. That was the most significant relationship for both of them. So I almost don't believe this is one of those headlines. That definitely is not true. This is like an easy assumption to make but I do think him understanding that. That is her ex husband that they are very public couple when they were together and they share children is one thing but for him to still be speaking about her. I think is a different thing and I think no matter how much you love somebody. No matter how concrete your relationship is you wanna be with that person without their ex coming in and saying well the biggest mistake I ever made. Was you know not working things out with Max? That's a frustrating thing to have to get over. It is but I think of all the headlines that can be said about somebody. You're dating that's the most mild thing it's like. Oh she's great and amazing catch. Yeah I know thanks and I got her. So she's mine and they do keep it very private the two of them so maybe he doesn't really like the spotlight peacock that they're very close. I also don't agree that this headlines through You know it's there's any valid validity to this report but at the same time like you're right. It's part of his life her life. It's always gonNA happen. Ben Is Always GonNa come up in conversation and you do have to just kind of accept it. Luckily Jennifer Garner is. I don't even remember a bad headline about her heart. They like nothing bad comes out about her. And if there's that's whenever I think shit really hits. The Fan is whenever you're dating somebody and these rumors that are super bad or saying they stole or they did all these things. That's whenever it's harder it's harder you know. Friend DATES IS GROW. Who IS AN EXOTIC DANCER? And they met in the club and now he dates is girl and after seven months Yemen. You know I'm just trying to get her to quit her job and I'm like you can't do that to her like you met her there. She didn't start this career. When you guys were eighty and you know why she does it. She put yourself through college if she feels empowered. Let her life. Unless you'RE GONNA go ahead and pay for the UCLA and be Sallie Mae for that girl kit. Tell that person to walk out there even if you are even if you can't afford to take care of them completely. I don't know maybe she really enjoys dancing. Like you know I. I don't think that's fair to be like I can take care of. You don't need to work anymore no matter what your job is. Call me and let me take care of all your Sallie Mae Morgan Stewart. I know for a fact that you'd still work. That is very true. I would still work. You would still want. He's taking care of your true and so it's one of those things where like. Yeah thank you. That's a nice compliment. And it feels good the data man who can put you in that position or date a woman can put you in that position but if you still have the you know you want to accomplish things then don't ask me to quit my job. It's also that person has control over you then right and you no longer have your own income and one day you WanNa leave that person then you have to sort of go through a whole process that either gets you. It's just it's always better to have something of your own. Can I literally spend the card on whatever I want and I don't have to ask you for anything? 'cause that's GonNa have to be the stipulation cash cash. Put it somewhere else and let it. Hi. How validated Jennifer Gardner? Feel right now because a lot of times there was a lot of speculation. This person said this person's camp said this and you can't really tell your full story without doubting an addict and talking about the things that you went through so for him to now talk about some of the things that she experienced. She must feel like when Denise Richards finally was like Charlie Sheen. You're finally seeing Charlie G S. I had to deal with presidents and and that and tiger blood. It's like the sense of like. Wow this story finally came out. People don't think I'm just this poor helpless person just trying to be in love with this. This man yeah. Meanwhile I'm just trying to save his life because he's the father of my children.

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