Gaming Fixx LOTR 3-2-20 Dreamhack - burst 30


Then after that we had Dustin Rhodes versus. Jake Hager and Jake heggers first match. Jake. Hager was the winner of then. We had a gallon versus Sammy. Guerrero and we had a very strong match but Darby Allen was your winner then after that we had. Wb TAG team title match. Kenya Mega vers. Hyman page. The young bucks. I'd like to go over that a little bit stronger but don't really have a lot of time but I will say that it was just match for match pound for pound. They were really into it. It was really a good show. I would recommend trying to track that match down. That was a really good match. Psychologically and everything then next we had Which was a little bit of a Downer State? Land of Restyler rose. Apparently outlander was coming over a cold and NYLA. Rose just ran over her. It was kind of a spit of squash. Match wasn't too bad but it wasn't anywhere near the match that came next. Which was cody verses?

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