Coronavirus spread prompts cities to cancel major events


The corona virus which causes coated nineteen has spread to every continent other than Antarctica and attempts to slow that spread are disrupting the daily business life in Italy the Vatican closed all the catacombs usually open to the public and this year there wasn't much of a chance to see elaborate masks in Venice the famous carnival there was canceled amid Europe's largest corona virus outbreak Saudi Arabia took the extraordinary measure of closing the country to religious programs Iraq shutdown cafes across the country and in Iran where dozens of people have died Friday prayers were cancelled after finish debate there's also a ban on Chinese citizens entering the country countries like Azerbaijan closed their borders to Iran well the United Arab Emirates stopped passenger fares from going there sporting events weren't spared Japan restricted the Tokyo marathon to justice league runners Russia says it's skipping World Cup pre qualifying events in Japan and the U. S. there's even worry that the summer Olympics could be cancelled if the sprint

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