Horizon Zero Dawn might become a trilogy

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The website video games chronicle dot com has recently become home to a lot of interesting rumors. That all seem entirely feasible so far and its latest scoop is related to guerrilla games as Horizon Zero Don series and based on the rumor. The word series may be entirely accurate. Moving forward Andy Robinson reporting for video games chronicle dot com rights multiple sources have told Fiji that Sony Interactive Entertainment has green lit ambitious plans. For the post apocalyptic open world franchise which debuted in two thousand seventeen with the ten million selling zero Don Amsterdam based guerrilla had always desired to deliver a series of Horizon Games and a multi part script was written but the plan was only officially agreed upon after the original games. Strong debut on playstation four so speculation of a sequel potentially a playstation five sequel has been kicking around for a while. But this story adds some potential veracity to everyone's assumptions Robinson continues in their article writing the next installment Horizon Zero dawn to started development soon after the first Games successful. Release sources said. Initially the game was planned for playstation four. However it's thought that development has now entirely shifted focus to Sony's Next Generation Console Horizon Zero Don to is said to be gigantic in scope with a larger game world and more freedom to explore it than its predecessor. People with knowledge of the game also indicated the inclusion of a CO OP feature although. It's not clear. If this is delivered via the main story or a separate mode at one point guerrilla was planning to release a STANDALONE CO OP game preview with progress carrying over to the later full version of zero don. To One person involved told Fiji however it's not clear. These plans are still in place horizon. Zero Don was an interesting release. Guerrilla Games was a prolific talented developer. But after its first release. Shell Shock Nam. Sixty seven and two thousand four. It pretty much became a kill zone exclusive developer and released five kill zone games. Kill Zone is fine. They're not bad games at all. They're just kind of forgettable while being technically very impressive horizons. Zero Don represented a huge departure for the studio going from linear first person shooters in an established universe to a totally original open world. Third Person Action game and it was great. It was a big bat that paid off in a big way. I definitely want sequels. But the first game did end in a pretty conclusive way. The larger mystery about how the present time line of the game lined up with the past was solved. There is still lots to explore in the present time line of that world but I think the more interesting narrative stuff was everything that happened in the past so hopefully guerrilla can take the story in an interesting direction. If a sequel is in fact in the works which I think is a pretty safe assumption. I have confidence in them. And I am eager to see what's next and I'm just generally excited to see what guerrilla can do on a police station.

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