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The real number of unemployed Americans is even higher


How many of you say a month ago. We're more than passing Lee familiar with what's become the iconic economic indicator of this recession so far anyway something known as first time claims for unemployment. No need to raise your hand on this one. No shame in not knowing because honestly it didn't use to get a whole lot of traction. There was weekly. There was lots of noise easy enough to let it slip by over the past month or so though as you are no doubt aware that weekly claims number has exploded. As of this morning's report twenty two million people have lost their jobs and then numbers. Incomplete because state offices are overwhelmed. Yes but as marketplace's Mitchell Hartman reports to get us going that is not all of it. While the number of unemployment claims filed nationwide is a good indicator of the scale of job loss. Right now. It's likely understating the true of unemployment for starters. Some people just aren't applying for unemployment benefits like Darius Brett Windy in February February. This I started ten in bar and waiting tables and a little family restaurant about eleven miles south of where I'm at that's northeastern Nebraska where wind Lee and his wife operated small farm and produce stand working at the restaurant was going to provide extra income until it shut down in mid March widely used to be a union iron and he's been on unemployment before it was such a hassle. I would rather take a beaten and try and go through an employment again on a system. That's broken down and and just not working. So he won't be counted among the unemployed. Another group of workers isn't eligible to apply for unemployment benefits immigrants without authorization to Work Twenty eight-year-old Jonathan Collins is originally from China and now lives in Texas. I lost my work. Permits and early. Two THOUSAND EIGHTEEN COLLINS APPLICATION. For a Green Card is pending. She's been working for an HR firm as an independent contractor. But that's now shut down so I don't have income and I can apply for employment. Some people aren't working or earning income but they haven't lost their jobs. Need Edwards is a manager for a national rental car company in Saint Louis in early April. He and many of his co workers were furloughed. His wife is still working as a corporate attorney so they have some income. We have enough saved up. We can cover our expenses for the next couple of months. He says he won't apply for unemployment unless his furlough turns into a permanent layoff. I'm Mitchell Hartman for

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