A World Where


Remember the Wisconsin. Primary doubted last April feels ancient beyond the point of living memory. But if you remember anything about the Wisconsin. Primary it's probably that the Wisconsin primary was a total fucking S. The Supreme Court had made the patently sociopathic decision to block the Democratic governor from postponing the elections until the summer leaving voters with no choice but to either stay home or to take their very lives in their hands and wait for hours in blocks. Long Lines while trying somehow to do that. We're new thing. They were calling social distancing Milwaukee was supposed to have a hundred eighty polling stations but ended up with only five nine thousand. Absentee ballots were never sent to the voters requested them and thousands more were postmarked laid and thrown out. Never forget that for decades now through Gerrymandering racist photo. Id Laws and propaganda. Falsely Claiming Widespread Fraud Republicans have been hell bent on keeping people from making their voices heard in their democracy to clear and statistically obvious reason. Is this more? Voters means fewer. Republicans in office especially if those voters are black and Brown and last April. The Republican Party proved itself willing to not only make it incredibly difficult for marginalized people to vote against them but to make it actually life threatening the voters. Don't like the party said kill the voters and that would soon become the key principle behind the GOP's election strategy in twenty twenty. We knew from the start that powerful people would profiteer off the pandemic. But I don't think anyone anticipated just how much power they would grab and the signs were there. The White House began lying about the casualty counts only a few months after China for the first time of many falsely claimed that not a single citizen had died of the virus in twenty four hours. Police crackdowns on those violating curfews distancing guidelines crackdowns which overwhelmingly target marginalized communities had already begun in several cities both in this country and around the world Israel South Korea and Singapore had already launched sweeping and intrusive surveillance campaigns. And now whenever we go outside it's impossible to tune out the tinny. Were of monitor owns following overhead. It's the future now folks we've arrived. We officially live in the nightmarish post-apocalyptic Totalitarian State Sifi always prophesied.

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