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We're going to dedicate at least this show if not a few shows to answering your questions. About Ron vires. Tiffany is going to be asking a question. She's sitting right over there. But not near me. Because we are actually acknowledging social distancing at this point so she's got to be what twelve feet fifteen feet away from me? I think south. That's the safest so she's answering your question asking your questions. I should say I'm answering your questions here. We go okay. So let's start with one of the most asked questions. What is the deal with insights? Should we avoid things? Like Ibuprofen for now just to be safe. So a lot of the concern about ends proof has to do with some studies that looked only viruses in the respiratory tract in general no non specifically with covert and some of those studies did show perhaps some associations that there might be some you know getting a little bit worse or having some side effects if you had a respiratory virus and took Ibuprofen. The best. I've seen was randomized controlled trial to give people basically Cnn medicine or I've appropriate or something like an aide or nothing or some combination and it found incredibly minimal differences. Tiny really tiny and so. I don't even know how much this is. This is old news. I mean this study is like a couple years old. It's not new. It is not cova specific and so everyone's concerned about this just seems a little more than we need right now. Okay so what's being said on twitter is the ICU. Physicians are saying that they've noticed a trend that people are worse off when they have been on. End said so again. I don't know that these are actually informal studies and that we actually know you're going to hear anecdotal reports but of course it's the anecdotal reports. That are GONNA make the most noise. I have not yet seen any conclusive data to push in that direction. So the rest of the questions. I've just tried to group. So this first group is going to be questions about social distancing and quarantine so this first one. Can you do things outside in suburban areas like? Walk your dog basketball with your family as long as you stay away from other people and then what about playing on an outdoor golf course. If there aren't a lot of people in your away from others going outside great. There's no reason to stay in the house. This is not like floating around the air but you WANNA follow the same rules with other people that you would follow him. The House like walking with the neighborhood friend who Stang more than six feet away is fine. Like don't get in the zone where they could call on you. Then you should be fine Playing basketball with the same people like your family that you are otherwise in the house with otherwise likely fine now playing basketball with people that are not part of your social isolation group is not okay really because then that's just like hanging out with them. That's what we're trying to avoid so being outside if you're following social dissing rules are is great being outside and close with people who otherwise close to his great but don't be outside with people you otherwise wouldn't be close to because that's just as dangerous being inside with them so. I think that also answers. The question. People wanted to know if kids could play together outside so if they are your kids from the same house yes with neighbors probably easy to say nobody should ever see anybody That's very difficult to hold down. So there's a couple of ways you could theoretically go about doing this. One is If you have a couple of families and you guys commit that like these are the families that are only seeing each other. You've socially isolated yourself and just a slightly larger group and they truly commit to that. That's pretty much okay. Secondly if you can agree to the same rules that I just said it's fine so we've told our our youngest daughter. She can have like one friend that she's designated over but they have to play by the same rules more than six feet away washing of hands. No sharing anything you know. They can play together like a video game or something but no making videos and foreign around. You gotTA respect those distances if kids can do that on play dates and they're old enough great if you're talking about small kids then again if you set up with like one or two families and say like Dr. Kids are just going to socialize with each other and nobody else and the families are not doing everything else. And You keep the group contained. Then that's probably so it's like that also addresses this question on. Should you refrain from having people over to your house? Same roles I'd say would apply if you like can identify one. We have sort of two families that we would consider. Perhaps let's say would you? Let's say two families that are best friends so it's just three families that if we say we're only doing our three families and nobody else probably okay the same way. I also said like I have a neighbor across the street as a friend of mine. I imagine You know he came over and wanted to sit and chat inside over there and I sat over here and we follow the same rules and good handwashing this really minimal risk there so you have to be smart about it but you want to keep to a minimum. I mean you really do. The part of this is Trying to keep social distance and of course if we go to serious quarantine in lockdown you should probably stop even that but we're not there quite yet okay and still keep all of this to groups. Wet less than ten. There's oh well I mean the president is CDC said. No group should be getting together larger than ten. I think that that's still too large. I mean it's just I would say like you know if you're getting together in a group of ten people unless you're committing to sit six feet apart a pretty large room and so I don't know how we're actually pulling that off now with our family. Read around the kitchen table. But that's because we're agreeing that's our social circle and if you live in a family of ten fine keep the ten people in House. Nobody's saying household but you probably shouldn't be inviting a random ten people over to your house at any time. That's not serving the purposes. It's very unlikely you're following the rules and keeping at least six feet apart from anybody else. How do you practice appropriate social distancing in places like grocery stores and pharmacies that you sometimes really need to go to so clearly of course you know all the usual rules apply in Washington Washington washing? Don't touch your face. Coffey elbow. Don't go if you're sick. Stay away from sick people. It's also better to go on off hours when fewer people are going to be there. It's better to avoid it when there's huge lines as much as possible. Keep your distance from other people. You know it's no we could spend in light stand in line like six feet apart. You know making sure. We're not sneezing or coughing on each other. I'm certainly the second Jordan. Wash your hands you know again and again and again when you unload the groceries wash your hands you know just constantly constantly constantly get used to making you short. You are clean and you've taken whatever might have gone off certainly before you touch your face certainly before you eat. Is it okay to volunteer places? Like food banks if you have no symptoms and use a mask. This is where I would talk to the Food Bank and find out there policy but again they're going to want to restrict it to his people as possible the whole goals. We don't want lots and lots of people coming into contact with each other so if they said we have a core of volunteers and these people are agreeing to go up and back to the Food Bank and not do anything. That would be ideal. Should we cancel all on critical doctor? Appointments in March may be an April on. This person. Said it feels like I should but I don't want to leave issues unresolved for potentially. I'm laughing at this question. Because I get asked this question about should I cancel ex by friends family and acquaintances all the time? And every single time my responses it's going to be cancelled anyway I think it's very unlikely that a lot of these optional appointments over the next few weeks certainly are going to stay in place. Be It a dental visit. A non emergent doctor visit A nail visit a haircut. Were heading towards probably much more strict isolation which case they get canceled. The trip matters yet. We probably should cancel them Because because they're just exposing us in ways that we probably don't need to next question should soon healthcare workers coming back from spring break allowed to continue work clinical rotations. Many are even after having traveled. I mean our medical school. Just shut down all third year rotations for medical school. And we're waiting to hear what they're doing on fourth year rotations. I think that's GonNa stop no matter. What because again. I think we're headed towards you. Know really only essential personnel should be exposed. And so I think this is one of those theoretical questions that people are asking. Now I think in a week will be moot. How can families of healthcare workers support their family working in healthcare? Well still helping contain the virus? So how do they keep their kids neighbors etc? Save when someone in the home is a doctor nurse. Paramedic getting lots of exposure enroll like. I've seen extremes on twitter. Were were doctors who know they're being exposed or like moving into the garage to protect your family which is just. I can't believe this is where we are But you know we. I think we're living in a world where I mean. Look as much as you can in a house practice good hygiene. Wash your hands. Stay away from people. Don't share stuff. My kids are all in high school. You know my oldest is in his room most of the time and so it's like it's not as hard pressed social isolation if you have if you have small children. It's much more difficult almost impossible. Let's own almost impossible But but doctors who were seriously being exposed need to take much care as possible to keep their family safe but it's going to be very hard. Should we bring parents home from CARE? Facilities Assuming no one in the homesick and then related to that. Should I get my elderly parents to my house from another state before things get worse if you're committing to true isolation liqu you're not GonNa Leave Your House and you can drive and get your parents so that you know they're not going to an airport. I guess it's theoretically possible that you could safely get them to you and then all commit to not leaving the house but you almost have to have the same rules that were advising the elderly at that point like it would be dangerous for you to go to the supermarket and then come home be near your elderly. Pats. You'd almost have to shutdown. That's been hard to do If they're in a nursing home or long term care facility I'd talk to the Nursing Home I don't know what safer to be honest whether to bring them home or not. Sometimes it's impossible. You just can't provide the care that they need which is why they were in a facility to begin with and of course once they're exposed. I'm not sure how much good it does to bring them out. So these are the kinds of incredibly hard. No good answer questions. That people are going to ask that are worth discussing. But I would do that. You your doctor or your parents doctor and the healthcare facility where they are. Is it safer to have your food delivered or to order food for pickup great question so I I suppose it depends on? How the pickup goes. Here's the thing there's there's not as there's really not much of an for transferring food as long as people are taking usual precautions and of course if you get delivery. They put the package down. Walk away you could open the door. Never be exposed to human being taken back to Washington to get to go no exposure. That's possible with pickup. But it's also possible you walk into pick up in their six other people wind to pick up the exact same moment and those are the kinds of exposures. Were trying to avoid okay and I feel like might be important to mention here that we should tip the people low. What I forget. You're only asked me a safety issue generous to everyone as humanly possible right now. We have canceled the people that help us clean the house. We're still paying them. And I say that. Not to Brag not too but it's like as much as you can help all the people that you can Because they are utterly dependent on a lot of the income. That is coming into completely. Cut IT OFF. Believe the most vulnerable vulnerable of us at

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