Escaping the Golden State Killer

Serial Killers


The early morning of October. First Nineteen seventy nine. A terrified woman laid on the floor of her living room. Her heart beating out of her chest. Her hands were bound and her boyfriend was tied up in the bedroom. She could hear the masked robber rummaging through her kitchen. He said he was only there for money but his calm demeanor made her suspect he wanted something more. Something much worse. She feverishly wiggled her wrists trying with all her might to break the not until finally it broke her shot towards the kitchen. The robber stood eating food facing the other direction. She leapt to her feet and sprinted for the door. She burst into the open air screaming her lungs out attempting to wake the neighbors. She saw the lights flash on and the houses around her and turned her head to see the masked man fleeing in the other direction. She had done it. She had escaped from the Golden State

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