The Conjuring - The Haunting of the Perron Family



Welcome to ghostly was the parent family home haunting as always. We're your host. I'm PAT and I'm Rebecca ghostly as a podcast that examines. It goes story from all angles. We go over the history in various evidence of the ghost story. Then we let you the listener decide if it's real or not. Today's episode is going to be huge but We do have business to cover before we get to the episode. So Rebecca. Do we have any listener mail? Of course we do. I WANNA hear it. Okay okay. How's Your Week Bennett? Are You doing okay? I am virus free right now. Okay so all probably I probably have some virus but not the virus. Gotcha I just wanted to check in do you not that I know of. I keep checking my temperature though just to be sure. Like how often are you checking your temperature? Well I guess I checked it earlier this week. 'cause I had like a scare moment but that was wait scare moments like I felt flush for some reason and so then I went and I took my temperature and it was Way Ninety eight point six normal. I was like ninety seven point nine or something like that. So you're dying right so you're pretty much you're becoming beyond debt. I think so. Wow that is not the podcast for this now. They are walking dead walking dead podcasts. Which if any of our listeners. Listen to walking dead just in case you don't know Patna also do walking advant cast which is me. Find that weirdly appropriate right now They can find it anywhere. They find. Good podcasts It's just searched. The walking dead podcast. Dv M. p. e. 'cause that's the network the network the D. vm production. And all right. Okay here we go. This is another listener mail. Ghostly society facebook group so if you haven't joined this is the time just ghostly sleep society on facebook and I join you know. It's it's a lot of fun there. I mean seriously I enjoy seeing other people like interact on these same topics and use the same critical thinking that we've been going over. Yes 'cause they'll be like. Hey this is something happened to me. What do you guys think? And then people kind of debate it. It's well I'm I'm especially proud of the moments when people are like you know I used to. Just be a straight up believer in all this but now I question it and I usually still come up to be a believer. I take time to think about it. And that is that makes me proud me too me too. Yeah all right so. This is one of our top listeners. Whitney top listeners. She is our top is awesome. She is awesome and she's always posting and got a lot of fun stuff So she says Pat You will probably have a field day with this my friend and roommate by the way she did get permission from the room. That's it took us a few weeks before we read this Who her roommate goes by the name of Rabbit Rabbit has been an actual rabbit or is it no named rap person named nicknamed rabbit okay. I'm fine with that. All right has been seeing and hearing things his entire life. He has many stories but one in particular still ongoing from when he was a child. He believes that he's being plagued by Mitch mischievous spirit that he is named Bob. Oh I am too. Yeah by Bob Anderson from Bob after dark spirit that just plagues you keep putting these micro-climate ideas in my head. Yeah Over the years Bob is made his presence known to all of us. Rabbit claims he frequently moves things to a place where they should not be for. Example rabbit used to smoke an old fashioned tobacco pipe. He always placed in his bedside drawer and in his nightstand. Before going to sleep one morning he woke up and it was no longer there. Robert searched Oliver's room but he could not find it anywhere. I needed to go into rabbits room to borrow a cord to charge my phone as my court shorten it and I would not be able to get to the store until much later I went nowadays. You can't get to the store at all well though this was. Yeah you can tell. It's dated story. That was when we could go in Papua stores. I went searching for because they normally do not go into his room. And have no idea where you normally puts things. Even though he's meticulous about where things are put so he can find them quickly when he wakes up. That sounds like you pat. I couldn't find it in any of the spots. I thought were obvious so I looked in the drawer under the foot of his bed. There was his pipe when he got home. I told him I found the pipe. And where where? And he just looked at me confused. He never uses that drawer for anything in his door. Stays locked due to pass issues with things going missing from his room so no one besides him myself and my husband could have moved it and none of us did. Bob also seems to get frustrated with my husband. My hubby is firmly on the Hashtag schemes. Team skeptic side. Oh I like her husband. This is despite the fact that Bob throws things that John from time to time. Especially if we've been talking about him recently and John has voiced his opinion that he does not believe Bob exists normally a short Shortwhile after this declaration something that John is place down near himself will fall to the floor. Once it was a plate of Spaghetti that he had put at the back of the wide of a wide dresser that was against the wall. Everyone in the room was more than arm's length away and it fell off in front of the dresser face down. We know it didn't just fall off the edge because the dresser was much wider than the plate also the Renault animals in the room at the time because we were eating in the door was closed to keep them out. Wow sounds very mischievous yeah. Poltergeists definitely in the Bob thing really rings true to me. Yeah I think Bob you know since his psychic powers to like knock play. Spaghetti off my my dresser too often things missing you believe in. I like to put Spaghetti on my dresser. I think that is the appropriate place for Spaghetti. It is the appropriate place table no dresser. Yeah totally yes there. There's our listener mail today. So that's exciting. If you've listener mail send it on over Info at ghostly podcasts dot com or you could message us on any of the socials you got it facebook and STA INSTA- instead I just caught I g Graham. I call it a G G or twitter tweets the tweets the twitter's. Yeah that place to yes. You could send it anywhere or you could even go on our website. Ghostly PODCAST DOT COM and you can click on the contact us button and there's a form right there you just fill out. He's ended off. It is definitely while I wanNA think Whitney for sending that in. That was a very good

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