Food Fight: How 2 Trump Proposals Could Bite Into School Lunch


Two new is now that the trump administration is working on a pair of rule changes to reduce what it calls fraud in a big government program but as in pairs Corey Turner reports hundreds of thousands of kids will lose access to a free lunch at school for change number one the trump administration is targeting the supplemental nutrition assistance program known as snap or food stamps Sonny Perdue the US secretary of agriculture told reporters that states have been too generous with the program some states are taking advantage of loopholes that allow people to receive the snap benefits who would otherwise not qualifying for which they are not entitled by tightening the rules the government estimates more than three million people will lose access to food stamps now what's that got to do with the free school lunch program it depends on who you ask the truth is the real impact of this rule on school lunches is virtually zero that Sam Donaldson policy director of the foundation for government accountability he testified earlier this month before the house oversight committee but at the same hearing Dianne Sullivan told a very different story without snap in addition to having less food at home my sons could lose access to free school meals Sullivan is an advocate with the group witnesses to hunger and has two sons in high school not everyone can agree on at least one fact here food stamps and free school lunch are separate programs but for millions of kids they're connected that's because years ago Congress worried that many low income kids weren't eating at school simply because their parents hadn't filled out the paperwork so lawmakers throughout the paperwork telling school district any child in a family that gets food stamps should automatically get free lunch so what happens to kids when their families lose access to food stamps well the trump administration

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