Is anecdotal evidence the fears of the corona virus are starting to impact the real estate market


Starting to impact the real estate market redfin CEO Glenn Kelman said in a recent blog post but some sellers now worry about strangers entering their homes and he said he'd been told of three sellers who canceled their listings and one buyer who canceled an offer and realtor dot com chief economist Danielle Hale told Yahoo finance you can imagine there are lots of places in the housing transaction where concerns about spreading virus might have a role so it open houses you might see fewer people at open houses there's a lot of in person pieces of the transaction but the good thing is technology real estate information websites do enable more parts of the transaction to take place online or virtually region meanwhile has now launched online video tours that buyers can request from their agents apple has launched an affordable housing loan fund and Silicon Valley it's the first new initiative in the company's previously announced two and a half billion dollar promise to help ease the housing crisis in the bay area apple is donating one hundred fifty million dollars to a

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