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Weird First Kiss - burst 58


Of shows. They're just doing. Its be safe jeopardy wheel of fortune taping without studio on audiences in response to the virus because Alex Trebek's if anybody has a compromised immune system it's him and so they have to be very very very careful for him. Simon callow is now a Vegan. He lost twenty pounds but he misses pizza. I bet and I do have friends who eat pizza. Yeah 'cause Amy's has really good Vegan Pizza. I've had it before just to try. It is really good at Tom. Brady has launched. A production company has production companies. Going to be a global multi platform content company. It's going to have lots of really cool things going on us not just sports but wellness entertainment feature films. Television shows documentaries. And you know Tom Brady anything. He touches turns to gold. So I think it will probably be fabulous the Bachelor's on Tonight Ellen's game of games. Hot ONES ON TRU TV. Chrissy Teigen will be one of the guests. It's back to back episode. She is on the second episode so actually we probably want to get sound because it'll probably be hysterical so I'll get that for you Portals to hell on the travel channel reopening an investigation of a majestic old theater rumored to be haunted by a host of spirits. My God sure and Meghan markle escaping. The crown is over on vice tonight. You may want to watch that as well. She married the crown she is. She's escaping

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Weird First Kiss - burst 58

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