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Coronavirus movie delays: The blockbusters postponed by health fears


Disney world Disneyland closing after this weekend the lands closing a believe today there's all sorts of things being moved around it canceled out right March madness don you were a couple of don Lexus you guys have a list of movies a couple big movies and some smaller movies are moving right that is correct yeah yes the major movies like more line on hold for the end of March they have now said Disney has said nope we are postponing these major releases the new mutants out was supposed to be out early April and also antlers mid April and they've postponed it and there's they have not set a new release date so that's a big deal because they had a lot of premieres of MoveOn premieres they already have the press junket yep you know they they had posters and trailers in social media accounts in interviews and press two wars and the millions of dollars already spent yeah yeah a quiet place part two is also being delayed that's gone Kaczynski's yeah movies so that again he says you know we want it to be fun when it opens and what's not this is no fun right now I don't see it all together nobody wants to sit in a theater with hundreds of other people on a normal day yes with this to chase fast and furious nine is also nine it delaying its release the SL well finally some good news

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