Feds Announce Indictments In San Francisco Mission District Spree Of MS-13 Gang Violence


U. S. attorney general's office in San Francisco today announced charges against seventeen defendants alleged members of the MS thirteen gang KCBS Tim Ryan joins us live with details that can only be described as extremely violent crimes Tim well Rebecca this investigation took years involved thousands of hours of San Francisco police work at a news conference that wrapped up just minutes ago U. S. attorney David Anderson said arrests went down Thursday in San Francisco south San Francisco San Matteo Mountain View Daly city in Menlo Park members of the twentieth street click are alleged to have used extreme violence in their drug peddling and extortion trade in one attack at a bus stop at twenty fourth in patro pack was fifteen stab wounds the victim lost two liters of blood San Francisco police chief bill Scott says San Francisco and should feel a sense of comfort and relief with these arrests it's in the federal indictments are accused of various crimes including racketeering use of firearms and furtherance of a crime of violence assault with a dangerous weapon in the eight a racketeering and attempted murder these men are facing sentences ranging from ten years to life in prison most of the crimes came in the mission but also in the tenderloin neighborhood as well

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