Spike Lee: I'm done watching Knicks at MSG this season



And this is so next by the way yeah introduce Leon rose yesterday you're going up against the rockets who are on a roll with Westbrook and harden you have beat the rockets L. R. J. Barrett has a really nice game Leon roses water now what a start for the New York Knicks well the New York Knicks how bout that and then the biggest story the next day the national story the next day is that Spike Lee got an altercation with security guards and what happened is spike Lee's been a season ticket holder for thirty something years Hey you know when he was on first take today it was revealed that he spends about three hundred thousand dollars a year see the garbage that are the New York Knicks at nineteen forty two I have been embarrassing thanks Steve mills since two thousand and thirteen had three hundred and sixty five losses and its wings were like one seventy eight or are there under two hundred so the next it's one thing to be bad on the court but there's been so many moments where they've been a laughing stock off the court with the Charles Oakley situation which Oakley wasn't a hundred percent on the right he said it conducted himself better but the next find a way to make whatever the situation is the absolute worst thing possible so you have Spike Lee entering what he claims the building the entrance thirty dollars each and every year for the thirty years that he's been there I actually know the entrance it's the thirty third street entrance of Madison Square Garden in between seventh and eighth Avenue I've gone through that entrance it's an employee a media member entrance I would I cover the rain I cover the range of postseason for those two great runs and I went there a countless amount of times and every time I walked in there I've seen a famous person or to go through that secret or not secret but that important entrance so with that all being said even though it says employees and media you see celebrities in there all the time for example I was a regular person going to Billy Joel a few months ago and they had me pick up my tickets there and go through that entrance who did I think jazz voluntary so they have the labs like actual celebrities going through that entrance all the time so whatever it is and whatever transpired the New York Knicks claim that they told Spike Lee many times not to go to that entrance anymore you have to go through our V. I. P. entrance which is on thirty first St Michael Lee he claims but that was never told to it and this is something he claims he's done for thirty years going through this entrance so let's hear Spike Lee on first take earlier today was Stephen A. and Max Kellerman and Molly telling his side of the story with the whole MSG confrontation I've been using the same entrance the twenty plus years employees enters on three third street yesterday last night I go in my ticket is scanned I'm it I would you know the elevator yes one elevator and elevator also people have the tickets can also and L. is not moving and the security guy called me said we need to get off the elevator I said for what so we could speak about a NASA might get not elevator so no five minutes then they probably sent Elliott because they know I'm not do not elevator get on the elevator other groups of five and screamed waking life is run on a bases still soft and they said security guy all this comes to the top do you want me to leave the garden walk outside data out the thirty third street employers what came from walk outside and come back on thirty first St I somebody doing a personable you scanned my ticket you can scan and check it twice also I noticed once you leave the sport arena event you can't come back to it so I don't trust these guys so I'm not going to help you dork so I said I'm not leaving I put my hands behind my back and I sit or rest me like my brother Charles Oakley do we really need to get our rescue because you're refusing to leave like Spike Lee I don't think that's going to end up what happening spike Lee's gonna be dry data there and hand comes out but you know we talked about how they scanned his ticket so sincerity scanned his ticket no matter who you believe in this he said you know she said I owe you know they'd they'd never told me to go to this other engines they did tell me to go to the dentist about who you believe is the easy way to defuse the situation we already scanned your ticket spike in future you know moments when you come into the guard in future times you need to now go to the thirty first street next time you do this because I'm assuming it's similar security guard night in and night out I just my experience is going in there to see the same security guards we won't scan your ticket again I'm gonna tell you to go to that entrance it's all they had to do and then he also goes on first take and says he didn't shake this is my third did not believe Spike Lee totally he says he didn't shake Dolan sand and then the next because when they confront each other halftime the next up to be so badly they can never just let something blow over the New York Knicks then released a photo as it don't put someone up in the three hundred section looks at the blue seats and Adam shoot down on this sort of situation the photo kinda looks like that Spike Lee at his hand down to his side and then all the sudden don't basically picked it up it looks like a forced hand shake but regardless there's a photo of them shaking each other's hand regardless of who is it shouldn't be a story you just introduce your new president Leon rose you beat the rockets but the next can never let a story just go

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