Coronavirus fears deal blow to Montgomery County, Maryland


Voting on WTOP continues this morning super Tuesday results as you may have just heard a little while ago according to the Associated Press now they're calling Texas for Joe Joe Biden wins the democratic presidential primary in Texas taking super Tuesday second biggest prize on this morning CBS says the Bernie Sanders is leaning toward California the AP though projects of Sanders has won California super Tuesday's largest prize Joe Biden no matter exceeded all super Tuesday expectations go to the press the point is that the Clinton campaign WTOP's emeritus congressional correspondent Dave McConnell this morning after a lackluster performance in the first three primaries Biden got a big win in South Carolina followed quickly by crucial endorsements from any club which are people to judge and better Rourke apparently giving his once lagging campaign a huge burst of steam winning eight primaries putting a brand new face on the twenty twenty primaries and re emerging in many voters minds as the one Democrat who could beat Donald Trump Bernie Sanders remains formidable with a solid base and ample financing but not unbeatable as once feared by Democratic Party leaders WTOP's Dave McConnell this Wednesday morning the other two high profile candidates in the race still in the shrinking feel this Wednesday morning the day after Mike Bloomberg Elizabeth Warren teetering on the edge of

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