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Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization, by Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D.


About Maslow's we're we're going to go into your new book coming out called transcendence is that right that's it's called transcend transplants. Verb got it transcend. Is it like an order? You're giving people please transcend. Yes yes that's the idea. It's an action action word for sure. It's a hopefully a inspirational northstar kind of book. They kind of shows what humans could be well any builds on the work of Abraham Maslow's. So tell us a little bit belt who he is we all. We've all heard of him but Philipson is if we didn't know oh good. I'm really glad you said that. Because I've had other people billy well no one's no good no sue Masilela. Why should they care about your book and we thanks so I like your attitude about that? Everyone knows who might as well. Well I think most people who've taken introductory psychology class who have taken an introductory management class have come across maslow's writings. Yeah for sure. I've come across at least if they never even heard him as well have come across that. Connick pyramid now. As Abraham Muscle was a humanistic psychology. The pyramid is the hierarchy of needs. That we're talking about correct maslow's hierarchy of needs and it's usually depicted as a pyramid where you have n- order of needs. That must be met before one can become everything. They're capable of becoming sandwiches labeled soft actualization. Now this is the story this is this is the story that's being told to so many introductory psychology management students and people who see at diagrammed on the Internet however it turns out that massive never drew a pyramid and and there are so many misconceptions about the hierarchy of needs. It's it's incorrect. How it how. It's been taught the past sixty years. Correct a list of needs a hierarchy. But he's never drew them in the form of a pyramid correct. He never conceptualized in that way. His theory was very developmental. He made it very clear that we are constantly this dynamic of moving two steps forward and one step back and then we can also that we can. We can target multiple need simultaneously. We don't have to wait to to start self actualising until everything else has done until we check all the boxes and also as I like to say in. The book of life is not a video game. It's not like we reached one level of the hierarchy like connection. Some voice from above is like congrats. You've unlocked esteem mortal combat or something. It's just not the way the world works and was very clear about that so I really tried to infuse the spirit of what Mazal actually meant as well as the rest of the humanistic psychologists it really is an attempt more globally in this day and age in this world today to to bring back a lot of the ideas of of the humanistic psychologists have been lost but tell us what the hierarchy is. What are the levels the original model in medicine and I revised it revised it but in the original model you had the safety needs or even had below that yet physiological needs okay like food water shelter and safety needs need for certain sense of predictability in your environment and then you have belonging in love and he lumped him together which I teased them apart? And we can talk about that in in my my revised model but he had love and belonging together and then he had a steam needs which is esteemed from others esteem. It's the esteem and others hold us in both. I'd say he. He has two components of that. Both the scene from others as well as our own self esteem. But the problem with that is it's hard disentangle that because we do drawl so much of our own self esteem on this team. It's almost like redundant in like ninety percent of humans and then but then you can get to the self actualized individuals so that's too that's the next level is self actualization is a big. It's a big leap jets. I've always viewed that as quite a jump like okay. I feel really pumped up ego. Wise boom can self actualize? I you know this seems to be a lot of steps along the way there. And in a Lotta ways. That's what I try to. My book is is connect those dots and I took self actualization out as a stage. It's not because it's not we ever reach again. Life is not a game. It's not like you ever reach self actualization and then you win the princess or whatever that was whatever my my video game. I understand just an ordinary language. The words you know physiology safety belonging esteem but self actualization. I'm betting most people hurt either directly or indirectly from maslow's hierarchy of needs. Can you can you tell us a little bit about what he meant by that? I contact Maso talks about in different ways. But there's one one quote he's he used to. If you give me a moment to actually find it I really love this quote. It was the best description of self actualization. I could find okay. Short tie found a unpublished essay that he really wanted to publish it was he was calling critique of self actualization. This was really his attack. He really wanted to publish this before he died. And instead it was left in an unpublished collection. But this is the quote. I think this is this really gets the heart of what he really thought about. Self-isolation we try to make a rose into a good rose rather than seek to change. Roses into Willie's incessant pleasure in the self actualization of a person who may be quite different from yourself even implies an ultimate respect and acknowledgement of the sacred and the uniqueness of each kind of

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