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With Bloomberg, you get the story behind the story, the story behind the global birth rate, behind your EV battery's environmental impact, behind sand, yeah, sand, you get context. And context changes everything. Go to Bloomberg .com to get context. The Business Act, this is Bloomberg Radio. Looking forward, the jury's still out on inflation, but that recession risk remains significant. It might take longer for inflation to get back to target. It's true there is a resilience of inflation which is more tangible in Europe than it is in the U .S. Consumers in particular, they aren't behaving like there is a recession in any form coming around the corner. There's a risk here about a wage price spiral that isn't going away anytime soon. This is Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Kean, Jonathan Farrow and Lisa Abramowitz. A two -day meeting at the FOMC begins right now or whenever Chairman Powell gets out of bed in Washington. From London, from our audience worldwide, good morning, good morning. This is Bloomberg Surveillance on TV and radio alongside Tom Kean and Lisa Abramowitz, I'm Jonathan Farrow. A sneak peek at the price action, equities right now positive by 0 .1 % on the S &P 500. Main event of the week, Tom, there's three of them to be fair. The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the BOJ, the big one for most is the Federal Reserve, Tom. Tomorrow afternoon. It's going to be interesting to see. The way I look at it is with Greenspan, was he having a ham salad sandwich or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? It was a king. I mean, did they watch what the governor of the Bank of England does when he stops by Greer's? Do they follow the suitcase and see what's going on? Communication has changed. I don't know what to make about it other than there's no other story. $95 barrel oil and to talk to our guests this morning, including the encyclopedia known as Will Kennedy. We're here. We're here. We're going higher. Ninety five on Brent. Lisa, $92 .51 on WTI. We've got questions.

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