A highlight from From Struggle To Resilience: Finding Joy in the Face of Dementia


I absolutely believe that if we were able to lead more improvisational and playful lives as a whole, not when the moment where you're hit with possibly one of the most upsetting and frightening moments in your life, then I think our relationship to a lot of this would shift. Does it make everything okay? Of course not. But it certainly would, again, empower us to be able to do different kinds of things, to create support, to be able to do something more powerful, more joyful, just more positive, more giving. We're not victims. I mean, there's a lot of things, nuances in that, but that's really what we're very committed to doing. In this compelling conversation, Mary Friedli, co -founder of The Joy of Dementia and Re -imagining Dementia joins us to shed light on the unique opportunities for connection that have arisen since the pandemic and the widespread adoption of Zoom. She emphasized the power of creating communities of support for those living with dementia and their families and care partners, transforming the often isolating journey into a joyful and meaningful experience. Mary also shares the critical need to re -imagine the stigma and fear surrounding dementia, revealing the power of resources, tools, and collective efforts in empowering individuals and combating isolation. Welcome to Fading Memories, a podcast for caregivers of loved ones with dementia. I'm your host, Jennifer Fink. My mom had Alzheimer's for 20 years, and when I went looking for answers, I had to start a podcast to find them. Join me as we navigate the challenges of dementia caregiving together. Through personal stories, expert interviews, and practical advice, we'll explore effective communication strategies, stress -free and effective communication strategies, management techniques, and ways to cope with the emotional journey. This podcast is your beacon of support and empowerment. Let's share our experiences, find solace, and discover the strength within us. Get ready to embark on a transformative caregiving journey with Fading Memories. If you're looking for additional advice, be sure to sign up for our weekly email newsletter. It's brief, gives you great advice. You can read it in less than five minutes, and you know where to find the link. It's in the website, on the show notes. We're working on subscriber -only information and specials, so you're not going to want to miss out. Unfortunately, it's part of our modern world that some people will look to prey on the most vulnerable members of our society. With modern technology, scammers have more avenues to exploit people than ever before. Americans over the age of 65, especially those living with Alzheimer's and dementia, are receiving an average of almost 200 unwanted landline calls every week. That's more than 28 calls a day from bad actors trying to defraud our loved ones. Even worse, nearly 10 % of these calls have no caller ID, making it even harder to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent calls. Older adults are less likely to be tech savvy and more likely to be home during the day to answer these calls. Please don't rely on notes by the phone as an attempt to stop a crime before it happens. You need IMP. IMP offers advanced call protection and a variety of other features to keep you and your loved ones safe from scams. IMP only allows wanted callers to ring through. Stopped are 100 % of the spam, scam, political, fundraising, debt collection, and survey calls before a single ring. Traditional call blockers can't do this and neither can the do not call registry. Don't wait until it's too late. Protect yourself and your loved ones by going to www .joinimpasenhall .com. Also, the link is in the show notes.

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