A highlight from TBGP #412 Alan Wake 2 Previews, Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty Wrap-up, Starfield Review Bombing Far Cry 7


Yeah, game of thrones is like to me that first season is like super dark uber grim, no, no magic, no nothing. And then suddenly it sort of gets into itself. Sup everybody. This is carrick with ACG and I'm here with abzi doing the, uh, yeah, oh shit, yeah. Doing the, uh, the best gaming podcast number. I gotta look. Where are we at? What are we at? 412. 412. Yeah. Thanks to abzi for joining me. We've decided to do these occasionally. Well first we're going to start doing them biweekly to see how that goes and then we're going to sort of see how it works for the long term. We just really haven't decided. It's something that I've wanted to do for a while, especially because we miss a lot of the news in the starting week. We do skip a lot because yeah, we go on tangents and shit. Well it's all my fault. We talked about dreams for an hour and it was good, it was good, but we talked about dreams for an hour. So yeah, something's getting skipped. So thanks for everybody showing up. I absolutely appreciate it. Thanks for spreading the word around that we're doing this. If you can tweet it, super chats, all that kind of stuff. We're just going to actually jump in, discuss what we've been playing for a bit. Talk about early week news and we got a couple couple interesting bits here as well that I think will be fun. But what have you been playing? Um, I just recently started Phantom Liberty, like the cyberpunk expansion. Dude. Okay. I played it for about maybe five, six hours, four or five hours. Okay. Honestly, dude, it's fucking cool. That's all I'm going to say. It's just fucking cool. I enjoyed the first four hours. I think the new characters I got introduced to are pretty cool. I'm liking the dialogue. It has a lot of edge to it, which I like, you know, we talked about edge and lack of edge before and, um, and, uh, the VA is pretty good. And the, I'm liking the writing a lot, a lot more than the, than the original game. And it seems to be having like, it seems to have actual choice and consequence in this one versus like the original game. So yeah, I'm enjoying it a lot. And some of the stuff kind of layered into the main game, like there's like these new things, activities that kind of got pushed into the main game as for a 2 .0, like the main game, it's the combat's fun and stuff, and they fixed a lot of issues for sure. The new system is amazing and the skill tree and everything, but it still has that like kinda, um, there's a lot of, the map is just a lot of shit. You know what I mean? You just go, it's kind of like far cry. You just go and kill and go and kill and like 90 % of the stuff is, is just, is just combat minus like the few really good side quests. But um, with this, I think it's because it's like a smaller setting and Phantom Liberty, it's very packed and tight. I feel like there's more, um, motivation for exploration and stuff and talking to different npc's listening and into stuff and reading lore and the main story and the characters. Yeah, they're just, uh, I've been enjoying it a lot, you know, goul $2 super chatter. We still get a friday podcast. Of course. I'm not stopping friday podcasts. I said it starting. I'll say it again. I've talked about it on twitter. No way. Are we stopping that? This is simply just to do some extra stuff, especially because reviews don't hit this embargo time. Uh, very often, Wednesday, two or three hours in the early morning, Wednesday, I can work around that. And if I can't, that's on me. But I would agree with everything you said. I also think there's a lot, not a lot. There is some far cry stuff in cyberpunk that they hide by not putting icons down. For example, the consistent fucking fighting between gangs in that game. And I had forgotten something has to happen every 20 seconds. It's all the time. You come around a corner and it's like, and I was so confused because I had forgotten. So I thought it was a big deal. And I got into like 40 fights. I was like, fuck man, things are going, this is all because of, and then it dawned on me a little later on. I'm like, oh no, none of this is because I have like, you know, had something cool happen. It was the way the game was set up. They were smart to hide it because I think Ubisoft gets dinged a lot of times because it's there too. They present checklist. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So have you done any of the driving stuff? People were just talking on our discord about leaping off the cars and katana. Yeah, that's pretty cool, man. That shit's pretty cool. I, I, I'm, there's still some bugs just reminded me, um, like I had a bug where I, if I pull out a certain weapon in a car, I just couldn't move my mouse to aim or do anything. And it wouldn't auto lock like it's supposed to, um, also for everyone playing. So I I've isolated an issue where causes game crashes and I've seen multiple Reddit posts about this and comments. If you use a mod called, I think it's the airstrike mod on a melee weapon, which gives you, I think higher crit chance. If you strike from, uh, uh, in the air or something like that, it crashes your game straight up, uh, like 90 % of the time. So just don't use that mod. Now I've isolated that issue to that. It might be even deeper than that. So it might be like my combination of perks or something interacting with that mod, but you should just like stay away from that mod for the time being.

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