A highlight from Matt eats two croissants so he is not limping around and suggests to grab some nuts!! Rich and Cindy Crawford were working for the same company at the same time but they got separated! Episode #404 August 3rd. 2023


Hello Divine People, August 3rd, 2023, episode 404, just starting with Rich on this side and Matt on this side. You used to be like Rich on this mic and Matt on this mic. I'm trying to confuse you sometimes. Well, you know, now I'm on my game now. You were thinking for a second, what are you going to say? I had a couple of croissants. Oh, you did? Yeah. I promised you one. You promised me one and you gave me two. Yeah, because you know what they... It's delicious. You know what they say in our country? If you're drinking shots of vodka or something, then you do one in a friend's house or something. He's going to say, take another one because you're going to be limping. That's for the other foot. Excuses. People find excuses. You drink one shot. Excuse to get another shot. So you'll be limping, right? So the problem is, men actually don't have only two feet. Do I have to think about maybe two and a half shots? Yeah, it was delicious. So you got two croissants, so you were not limping. It had chocolate in it and all kinds of nuts. I promised you one with nuts and chocolate, Belgian chocolate. That's what we do. Belgian chocolate, croissant, nice, crispy, fluffy, and just the best thing. And now you'll have to listen to me complain. I already started complaining. I mean, I was blessed with a croissant. It tastes great. And now I'll go, oh, it's going to bloat me a little bit. And I'm going to have salt retention and a little extra water weight. So I'll cry baby about it. And then in another 12 hours, I'll be back to normal. If I look into your body, those two croissants already lost their... Your body doesn't even know that you have been there two croissants visiting. They were delicious. I just want to recommend people to, you know, we said, well, we have 30 different croissants. 70 different croissants. Yeah, but I meant like the dessert one, 70 dessert ones. No, 30. Yeah, I thought my number was right. Yeah, you're right. So anyway, I just want to encourage people because man, they are just tasty. They're so crisp and hot. And you gave me me right away and I was on the run. You know, I was busy, right? And I had that thing next to me as I was driving around. Yeah. And I thought, well, I'll just wait till I, you know, get where I am. Not first intersection, mate. It was open by then. I know it. And then I ate one in the middle because I know that's where the best stuff is, right? And then I said, oh, this is too good. And so started nibbling on the ends. Yeah. You know how I get to the ends are a little smaller. The crispiest. Yeah, but it doesn't have all the stuff. Because I want to save the middle. My favorite's the middle with everything. I mean, the whole thing's good. So I started nibbling the ends and I probably didn't get more than a mile, mile and a half down. Yeah. They were gone both. You wore it like a hammer. Hammer is the gas guzzler. They went down the hatch and they were gone. But anyway, come on out and try one of our croissant, dessert croissants at Divine Naples Coffee and Wine Bar. You said it right. It's on 4th Street. Again, wrong. 4th Avenue. I did that on purpose. 4th Avenue South. Yeah, right. 851, right? 851, yes. 851. What is 858? That means 851. But anyway, come down and check it out. Have one and a nice cup of coffee. Good job. You know what? Number one. What? I see you here. That means you didn't win the lottery. I played by Chinese cookie numbers though. And number two, I always hold my promise, right? Yeah. Guess what I got for you today? Cookies. Oh no, what is this? A Ding Dong? Oh, it's an ice cream. You're really good. Oh my God. Describe what you're getting. Oh, it's a pink ice cream. Yeah, that's just your color. It's my color. Hey man. You like pink, huh? Oh my gosh, with some nice. Didn't you say cookie ice cream? Yeah. There you have it. We did a show on that. Yeah, that's why I told you I'm going to get you one. Yeah, that's yours. So now, since you're quiet, I have things to do, things to say. First of all, you have to use the moment. Yeah, use it wisely. I'm still getting words in with my mouth open. Music is provided by Julian Bruce. Thera Quitarra. That's the music on the beginning and whole show, so please support them. See them on Facebook, Thera Quitarra. Give them high fives or thumbs up, whatever works for you. And if you want to purchase their CD, available on our coffee shop. Our sponsor of this show, Beachesos .com, which is the only service here that delivers food, drinks, alcohol, sandwiches, salads, even baby wipes and Advil to the beach with our stylish fire truck that is mini size with maxi size of the light on. And the last thing I want to mention, if you want to print some money, some valuables, something that you can see our value in your home or somewhere where you go, you can find that at divinapels .com forward slash discount dash coupon. I'm just thinking. Divinapels .com forward slash discount dash coupon. Five hundred dollars available. Now, don't forget, there's a wellness month in August, so support your local businesses. We would like to see you more often in our spa. Divine Spa, best rated spa here in that divine Naples or Naples, Florida. And here you go. That's my official list right here. I have some more things, but there you go. Hey, there you go. Yesterday was 78 in the evening. Really? Yeah. It was nice and breezy. I'd like to know what it's going to be. Oh, you're going to eat one now. Yeah. Now it's your turn.

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