A highlight from 1373: BlackRock Bitcoin ETF Will Send Bitcoin to $180K by THIS Date


In today's show, I'll be breaking down the latest technical analysis, as well as Bitcoin speculators are now saying that at least 69 ,000 all time high in play. But right now is the least amount owned by hodlers. We have to keep this in mind. We're also going to be discussing Max Kaiser's Congress speech about disarming the banksters along with their financial weapons of mass destruction, as well as Bitcoin friendly El Salvador sees bonds return soar to 70 percent thus far this year. In twenty twenty three, we're also going to be discussing a crypto analyst who forecast the big Bitcoin price move to forty thousand. I'll be breaking down his timeline, as well as rich dad Robert Kiyosaki doubles down on his hundred thousand dollar Bitcoin price call and says he shares a common enemy with BTC, quoting him right here, Bitcoin to one hundred thousand dollars, saying for years gold and silver is God's money. Bitcoin is the people's money. Bad news. If the stock and bond markets crash, gold and silver will skyrocket. The worst news is if the economy crashes Bitcoin to a million dollars, gold to seventy five thousand and silver to sixty thousand savers of fake US are F debt is too high. Mom, pop and kids are in trouble. I hope I'm wrong. Please take care. We're also going to be discussing breaking news. Fundstrats Thomas Lee on live TV, quoting him here. If the spot Bitcoin ETF gets approved, the clearing price of Bitcoin is one hundred and fifty to one hundred eighty thousand dollars. We'll also be taking a look at the overall crypto market, all this plus so much more in today's show. Yo, what's good, crypto fam? This is first and foremost, a video show. So if you want the full premium experience with video, visit my rumble channel at Cryptonewsalerts .net. Again, that's Cryptonewsalerts .net and welcome y 'all just tuning in. This is Pod episode number thirteen hundred and seventy three. This is August 16th, twenty twenty three. I'm your host, JV. We do have lots to cover. So let's dive in with our market watch for the day. As you can see here in your screen, got Bitcoin price maintaining that critical twenty nine thousand dollars support while ether also correcting but maintaining and holding on to eighteen hundred dollars and checking out coin market cap dot com. The current crypto market cap sits at just one point one five trillion with thirty one billion in volume at the past twenty four hours. Bitcoin dominance back on the rise at forty nine point two percent, with the ether dominance at 19 percent even and checking out the top one hundred crypto gainers for the past twenty four hours. Bone Shiba swap up 13 percent trading at a dollar fifty four, followed by say up eleven percent trading at 19 cents, followed by rocket pool up three percent trading just under twenty seven dollars and checking out next. As you can see here on your screen, we have crypto bubbles. We can see the top gainers for the past week. Bone leading the pack, pun intended, up fifteen percent, but massive losses for the overall altcoin market and checking out the crypto greed and fear index, which you can see here. We're currently rated at fifty two, which is neutral. Yesterday, a fifty three last week, a fifty neutral and last month, a fifty four, which is neutral. And welcome to those just joining us in today's live stream. So much to cover. Next up, we're going to dive into our Bitcoin technical analysis. Check out some of the charts, as well as some interesting facts with some hodlers as well. Bitcoin speculators are leading a period of exhaustion and apathy across the market. In the latest edition of the weekly newsletter, the week on chain analytics firm Glassnode wrote about waning conviction about Bitcoin's short term hodlers. Now, where are my long term hodlers at? Make some noise. And after several months of stagnant Bitcoin price action, frustration amongst market participants has led to predictions of deeper downside to come. The bulls remain unable to break the resistance, while the sellers likewise face multiple support zones in the form of trend lines between the current twenty nine thousand and twenty five thousand dollar levels. And amongst these is the short term hodler cost basis, or better known as the realized price. Short term hodlers are defined by Glassnode as entities hodling coins for one hundred and fifty five days or less and correspond to the more speculative end of the Bitcoin spectrum. investor Now, the short term hodler cost basis has function as support throughout twenty twenty three, but is rapidly rising and currently sits at twenty eight thousand six hundred dollars. Now, by contrast, the long term hodler cost basis reflects the aggregate purchase price of the most stubborn hodlers and thus far lower at twenty thousand three hundred. Quitting Glassnode, the separation between these two cost basis is an indicator that many recent buyers have a relatively equated acquisition price and continuing, researchers describe the market as being potentially top heavy with even a modest Bitcoin price come down now apt to send the short term hodler cohort back into the red. Quoting Glassnode again, on the macro scale, the supply distribution does resemble similar periods during the bear market recoveries of the past. However, a shorter time frame, it could be argued to be slightly top heavy market with many price sensitive investors at risk of falling into unrealized losses. Now, despite this, it appears that speculators have already started to reconsider their market exposure. Let me know if you have or if you're continuing to stack stats as you should. Quoting them here, we note that the supply held by the long term hodlers continues to increase, hitting an all time high of fourteen point six million BTC. So in direct contrast, short term hodler supply declined to multiyear lows at two point five six million BTC the week on chain added. So overall, this suggests that conviction of Bitcoin investors does remain impressively high and few are willing to liquidate their holdings. Are you one of them? Let me know in the comments right down below. Now, the last time the short term hodlers had such little market presence was in October of twenty twenty one, just before the all time high of sixty nine thousand dollars. And it is very interesting as we see the short term hodlers continue to sell and the long term hodlers continue to stack stats as they should. I say the smart money are the whales and the long term hodlers. Would you agree? Let me know your honest opinion. Let me know your honest thoughts in the comments right down below. And now let's discuss our next story of the day. And that's Max Keiser's rant when he spoke in Congress back in January of two thousand and nine, talking about disarming the bankers and their financial weapons, a mass destruction, a very powerful speech given by Max. If you've got to hear this, let me know. I posted and transcribed it on what was formerly known as Twitter, now known as X this morning, quoting Max Keiser. This is an important day as we review the situation with respect to disarming bankers. After the first Great Depression, Congress passed the Glass -Steagall Act. The purpose of the resolution was to disarm bankers as well as brokers. Now, never again would they be allowed to destroy the global financial system. I'm here to warn you that they have, in fact, rearm themselves with a deadly toxic debt instrument known as a derivative. I asked for this session today to support the core assessment made by FAME investor Warren Buffett. He said derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction and that have apparently been devised by madmen. These instruments pose a mega catastrophic risk. Ladies and gentlemen, don't wait for the mushroom cloud of bad debts to explode over our financial system. Let's disarm the bankers before it's too late. Very powerful words coming from Max Keiser. And again, this is circa January of two thousand and nine, right around the time of the Bitcoin Genesis block, which was released after the 2008 financial crisis. And lo and behold, you can consider him a prophet because everything he was talking about is exactly what's been going on. Financial terrorism as it continues as the central bankers of the world continue to print money until the wheels fall off. Massive shout out to Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert. As you know, I'm huge fans of them both via the Kaiser report as they were the first one to cover Bitcoin with international coverage back when it was trading between a dollar to ten dollars. This is going all the way back in 2011, so literally was at 14 or 13 years ago. So much respect to the high priest of Bitcoin. And with that being shared, fam, now let's discuss our next story of the day. Now that we covered Max versus the banksters and that is El Salvador and their success with their bonds, which have been released as returns soar to 70 percent thus far this year. Check it out. El Salvador, which adopted Bitcoin as the legal tender back in 2021, has seen its dollar bound outperform the majority of the emerging markets with a 70 percent return thus far this year. The massive rally of the bond has now drawn interest from several institutional giants, which include JPMorgan Chase. Take that tapeworm Jamie Dimon, as well as Eaton Vance and PGIM Fix, promoting President Najib Okele to say, I told you so. Now, apart from the institutional giants, the likes of Lord and EBIT and also Neuberger German or I'm sorry, Berman Group LLC and UBS Group AG have also added debt security since April, according to Bloomberg. And also, Paolo, the chief technology officer of Bitfinex, told Cointelegraph that the performance of El Salvador bonds is a clear signal that the investors are supportive of the financial policies of the El Salvadoran government and demonstrates the renewed interest in investing in the El Salvador story while adding the following as the first company to receive a digital asset license, we are seeing significant interest in digital asset issuance and renewable energy investments, which the country has in abundance and is being used for Bitcoin mining and to provide more energy for the country's electrical grid. Now, the growing demand of El Salvador's debt security in 2023 is a quite contrast to its performance a couple of years ago when it first adopted Bitcoin as the legal tender. That's right. They've come a long way. The Bitcoin adoption created uncertainty amongst investors who bet against the country's bonds with several financial agencies, casting a shadow of doubt on the country's financial future. In February of 2022, the American Credit Agency agency Fitch lowered the country's long term issuer default rating from a B minus to CCC, inciting policy uncertainty in the Bitcoin adoption, along with an eight hundred million dollar debt payment due for January of twenty twenty three. Now, keep in mind, El Salvador did pay that eight hundred million dollar debt in full within the due maturing time to start off the year, raising confidence in the country's bonds yet again. And the president, Bukele, at the time noted that they had proven every finance pundit wrong, who doubted whether they would be able to pay their debts in a time after Bitcoin adoption, quoting Bukele here. He actually shared this in January of twenty twenty three in the past year. Almost every legacy international news outlet said that because of our Bitcoin bet, El Salvador was going to default on its debt by January of twenty twenty three, since we had an eight hundred million dollar bond maturing today, literally hundreds of articles. Never forget that. Now, the rise in confidence of investors is visible from the bonds performance throughout the year. And during the same time, El Salvador also passed a landmark crypto bill paving the way for the infamous Bitcoin backed volcano bonds. Let's freaking go. Now, El Salvador and its president have been at the receiving end of criticism every single day since they first adopted Bitcoin in September of twenty twenty one as legal tender, along with the United States dollar financial pundits predicted that the Bitcoin adoption will further strain El Salvador's financial conditions. However, to the contrary, within two years, the debt security of the state has become a hot cake amongst institutional giants, the same that once advised against buying it. So I'll say it for Bukele. I told you so. So there you have it. Let's go El Salvador mass adoption. Bring it. In which country do you think will likely be next to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender and follow in the footsteps of Bukele and El Salvador? Let me know your honest thoughts in the comments right down below. Now, let's discuss a forty thousand dollar Bitcoin price prediction, as well as a timeline, which I'm going to be sharing with you right here. If you think Bitcoin is likely to hit this forty thousand target, let me know. Now, while he followed analyst Pizzino is bullish on Bitcoin as the flagship crypto asset trades in a narrow range for the past few days or we could say for the past few weeks in a new video, he tells his three hundred thousand YouTube subs the Bitcoin can climb by over 40 percent from the current level between now and September of twenty twenty four. Considering September is only two weeks away, that would be pretty enticing winning it. The crypto analyst says that his upside target of forty two thousand is the range midpoint or the 50 percent level between the Bitcoin all time high of sixty nine thousand and Bitcoin's twenty twenty two low of around fifteen five. Quitting him here, it is possible that we see a test of forty two thousand happen within the period between now and September of twenty twenty four. So in basically twelve, thirteen months, a test of the 50 percent level of forty two thousand two hundred and then a retreat. Do you think we're likely to rise on up to that forty thousand mark? Let me know. And after appreciating to over forty thousand Bitcoin could thereafter correct either mildly or substantially, according to the analyst quoting him again, it could be a small retreat like back here, June to August of twenty sixteen, where it tested seven hundred and then came back to five hundred. Or it could be a deep retreat where it tested all the way up to fourteen thousand in June of twenty nineteen, when the 50 percent level was only eleven thousand five hundred. And then it came all the way back down to four thousand in March of twenty twenty, thanks to no vid. And to watch this video with the analyst predicting Bitcoin can rise to one hundred and sixty one thousand, check the show notes below the video in the description. And please do let me know if you agree or disagree with the crypto analyst. And now let's discuss our next story of the day, and that's the one hundred thousand dollar Bitcoin price prediction from Rich Dad author Robert Kiyosaki. In fact, he even claims that Bitcoin can now go to a million dollars. So let's break this down and then we'll dive into our feature story of the day with the BlackRock ETF, which can send the Bitcoin price parabolic over six hundred percent, surpassing a whopping price target of one hundred and eighty thousand dollars. But first, Robert Kiyosaki, he stands behind his call that the Bitcoin price will put a new all time high and run all the way up to one hundred thousand. Let me know if you agree or disagree with the author. Now, Kiyosaki refers to Bitcoin as the people's money very commonly and says that those who save in U .S. dollars are likely screwed. And that was the nice way of putting it. Reading his tweet here, Bitcoin to one hundred thousand dollars, saying for years gold and silver is God's money. Bitcoin is the people's money preach bad news if the stocks and bond market crash gold and silver to skyrocket the worst news if the economy crashes Bitcoin to a million dollars. Now, that doesn't sound like so such bad news to me. That would be extremely brilliant news for the Bitcoin price to go to a million. But I understand an economy crash is not good. But he continues gold to seventy five thousand and silver to sixty thousand. I do not see those precious metals rising like that, especially considering they're controlled by the central bankers and the cartels have been controlling precious metal markets for a very long time. But nonetheless, I digress. He continues, savers of fake U .S. dollars are effed. Debt is too high. Mom, pops and kids are in trouble. And I hope I am wrong, but please take care. I mean, very bold words coming from Kiyosaki. Also, in an interview he did with Stansberry Research's Daniela Cambone, he warned up the idea of Bitcoin as he has lost all trust in institutions running the country, quitting him here. I like Bitcoin because we have an enemy in common breach. It's called the federal government breach, the Treasury and the Fed and Wall Street breach. I don't trust them. If you trust them, save dollars and get yourself a nice bond. I do not trust those guys. How many can relate with Rich Dad earlier in the year? Kiyosaki also predicted Bitcoin would eventually skyrocket to one hundred thousand per coin, highlighting that the king crypto does not need the intervention of the government to sustain its value. So there you have it. Come in directly from Rich Dad. Let me know if you agree or disagree with the Rich Dad, Poor Dad author. And with that being shared, now let's dive into our featured story of the day. That's everything surrounding the BlackRock ETF, a spot Bitcoin ETF being approved in the United States. Tom Lee was just recently interviewed and says he believes it will automatically send the Bitcoin price somewhere between one hundred and fifty and one hundred and eighty thousand dollars. So let's break this down, shall we? And here this is on this interview. I also already transcribed it for your benefit here. And I'm going to start reading so we don't have to play that sound clip because it's copyrighted. Anyways, he's asked, I always like hearing your price targets. Because you are always so fearless. When are you or where are you on Bitcoin by the end of next year? Let's say. And he responded, well, it's a spot Bitcoin gets approved, referring to the spot Bitcoin ETF. I think the demand will be greater than the daily supply of Bitcoin. So the clearing price, which is done by Sean Farrell, who is our crypto digital strategist, is over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. In fact, it could even be one hundred and eighty thousand per Bitcoin. And then when asked, that's only if the spot ETF gets approved. Tom Lee responded, yes, a spot US because a spot Bitcoin ETF is approved already outside the US, which is a fact. And then asked, but if it's not approved, then are we just lingering at around twenty nine thousand in which he responded? There is still upside cast because of the halving next year. So you'll have a drop in supply again. And so the clearing price has to increase, but it won't be six figures. So he's ultimately saying the approval of the spot Bitcoin ETF, regardless if it's BlackRock or any of the others, such as Fidelity or ARK Invest, 21 shares, etc., will absolutely send the Bitcoin price to a minimal of one hundred and fifty thousand. And that target could even be as high as one hundred and eighty thousand. But he's also saying in the same token, if Gary Gensler and the SEC does not approve it by the time of the halving, do not expect a six figure Bitcoin price, but expect the price to go up because of the drop in supply as well as the gain and demand. I think the analyst makes a very great point. Now, he was also interviewed a few weeks ago and he discussed this price action occurring within nine months. So I wanted to give you that time frame because the Bitcoin ETF is scheduled to be released sometime. Not the ETF, but the halving is scheduled to be in April of twenty twenty four. So anyways, here's what he had to share in this interview. Current Bitcoin market is in balance with twenty five million in daily block rewards and twenty five million in daily demand, incremental ETF demand. Sean Farrell, their analyst, believes that twenty five billion dollars of demand is possible within the first year. So this is how they come to these numbers. This is one hundred million dollars in daily demand. This would bring the daily demand to one hundred and twenty five million while the daily supply is only twenty five million. So the implied equilibrium price would need to rise so that the daily supply matches the daily demand. Equilibrium analysis suggests that a clearing price is one hundred and forty to one hundred and eighty thousand per Bitcoin before the April twenty twenty four halving. Now, if you'd like to see that come to fruition, make some noise in the live chat. Now he continues. Generally, this idea of higher equilibrium price is consistent. Sean Farrell estimates that the flow multiplier for Bitcoin is four to five X and on the odds of a spot Bitcoin ETF finally getting approved in the United States after numerous rejections of the past year. Here's what we had to share. Bitcoin ETF could finally get approved. Sean Farrell sees the BlackRock effect, making it this far more likely today. Now, BlackRock, we all know, is the world's largest asset manager, and they say they have roughly 10 trillion or more in assets under management. So there you have it. Very bullish predictions coming from Tom Lee and on regards to this BlackRock ETF being approved. But I'd love to know your thoughts. Do you think that the BlackRock Bitcoin ETF will be approved within the next nine months before the Bitcoin halving scheduled to be in April of twenty twenty four? Let me know why or why not. And I'm going to start reading all of your comments out loud. And don't forget to check out CryptoNewsAlerts .net for the full premium experience with video and to participate in the live Q &A. And I look forward to seeing you on tomorrow's episode. HODL.

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