Home right now, there are a lot of concerns about making sure kids were getting said,



The first step with making sure and a lot of great companies on and organizations were tryingto provide that technology, but they're still issue. You know if you're a younger student, a kindergarten to 3rd 4th grade. You need Ah, adult to help you get on fine. Make sure you're paying attention to get set up. So it's just there's a lot of effort that goes in, regardless of your Income level to help young people. But there are a lot of challenges with the technology. If your English language learners English is not your first language, not a lot of the digital learning with translated if your student with special needs and you had other challenges that we're not being that through digital learning as well. So that's a big issue. We've been trying and and then the educators. The question is about how do you make the learning engaged? And I think one thing we have seen, and we know it's best practices that you know you can't just do online learning. It still has to have a real world relationship component. So you don't need to be checking in speaking with students. How are you? How's it going? What you learn, but mean online activity. What debrief you need to have both kind of Rhea World relationship. And online connection and activities, and I'll just also say that digital divide is one major issue but issues around hunger there 20 plus 1,000,000 students killing our 12th grade who on the cream reduced lunch program. And if they're home right now, there are a lot of concerns about making sure kids were getting said, and especially of the summer months, when only one at a seven of those students during the school year who are on the perimeters once program are enrolled in programs where they get free meals. So summer is a big big time when there's a lot of concern about hunger issues as well as academic issues. We're trying to address and I know we're talking about summer right now, but I'm assuming a lot of these issues are concerns among educators and parents as well leading into the fall. Absolutely, and I think we're in a different time right now. And you know, there's Ah, a big leader in the world of Education and Karen pendant of a group called the form for Youth Investor, and she wrote a Ah blog's saying at a school time is all the time And that's true. And what's happened now is there's this marking and blurring of lines whether you work for students during a school day or you work with Dr School, you work with them this summer. We're all out of school, and we all need to work together. And so the question is, what are some of the best practices that are being learned? Right now? There are a lot of innovations that air happening with programs help get beyond mind outcome. Do small group takes socially different programming and a school district or planning it for the fall when they might have staggered schedule. Smaller class size. There's a lot of opportunity to not only learn from the summer but also to keep the program and going and figuring out how do

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